Monday, October 15, 2007

Williams is remarkable

Chris Williams has 11 touchdowns this year. Eleven!

That's a lot of TDs for anyone, let alone a wideout. Chris is the Aggies' best player. For some receivers, a change at quarterback could mean a dropoff in numbers. Not for him. He produced with McDermott in. He didn't miss a beat.

NMSU certainly has weapons at wideout when all are available. A.J. compliments Chris very well and Derek is a dependable slot receiver. Definitely NMSU's deepest and most versatile unit. They're all fun to watch.

Both Williams and Harris will be there next year too, unless something crazy happens (NFL anyone?). Williams would be wise to return and put up big numbers again. Only can help his stock for 2009.


Anonymous said...

CW is a juggernaut, mighty mite, etc.!
The kid is fun to watch. Hard to believe only a couple of schools recruited him out of high school. Glad we got him!

Speaking of recruiting, I heard NMSU is really trying to get his brother Marcus.
I heard Marcus is a little better than Chris as high school seniors.

Hope we sign him.
It would be great to see the "Williams Touchdown Tandem" in Crimson and White next year!

SM said...

Williams and his speed are pretty much the only thing making the Aggies worth watching this year. He bailed us out against UTEP and as long as Chase or JJ throw it in his direction, good things are likely to happen.

With all of his talent, I kind of feel bad for him for the following reasons:
1) He has only experienced 3 wins against D-1 teams.

2) He has experienced 3 losses to his hometown Lobos, despite doing whatever he can to keep us in those games.

3) The O-line often does not give CW enough time to run his routs.

4) He has to watch our defense squander games (I bet he'd love a shot at corner if Mumme would give it to him).

5) He is virtually unknown in national circles because he plays for one of the worst teams in the country.

6) He gets to watch other less talented receivers rack up a lot of attention because they go to bigger schools.

7) Most of all, he is a BCS conference caliber receiver stuck with the Aggies, which may cost him the chance at the NFL.

I'm sure if CW were to hear these things, he would likely disagree because he is very devoted to the team concept. But for us onlookers, knowing how lucky we are to have this kid, we say to ourselves, "man, Mumme's program is stealing a golden opportunity to play in the NFL from CW. If only he played for a program more suited for his explosive talent..."

Anonymous said...

I don't see Williams even thinking about entering the draft this year. Maybe if he played for a better team he might get more publicity and catch the eye of more scouts. But because he plays for us, and we're not living up to the hype he's not getting too many looks, I'm guessing. Another year of production like this and the chance to bulk up a bit more will help him land an NFL position. He is small but so is Steve Smith and Marvin Harrison.

Anonymous said...

SM, you are not very smart. NMSU defense played great against UTEP, and you can't forget about other guys like Chase Holbrook, and the rest of the WR. It just wasn't Chris doing all the work. THE OL had to block, and on the long 82 yard td he had. That would of never happen with out the key blocks by some of the WR.

Anonymous said...

Fans, and I'm using the term loosely, like sm make me sick. Stand behind your team, think and talk positive, or dont' say anything at all. Your negative opinions means nothing, and are not constructive.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be the most negative person on the face of the earth!

Go to homecoming and back your team! Anyone can bash. Real fans cheer during tough times.

SM said...

I never said I was very smart, and reasonable minds can differ on this point. I think CW bailed us out against UTEP. AJ and Dubois are solid receivers, and Chase obviously has a great arm, but I think without CW, we get clobbered.

UTEP's offense made critical mistakes. But in fairness, our Defense did stop the Miners at the end of the game when it was on the line.

You don't have to agree with me, or think I am smart. Trust me, my brilliance seems to escape my wife as well. But just look at the Aggies and tell me CW is not the only bright spot on this team. CW's energy light a spark under the Aggies which allowed their D to step up and stop the Miners.

The main point of my post is that I feel sorry for CW. He is an amazingly talented player, but has to watch the Aggies squander games. To be part of a team that only has 3 D-1 wins is not good for a player of his caliber.

Anonymous said...

So you wish Utep or UNM had CW or somewhere else?

Holbrook is very talented. McDermott will be something else.

There is talent, just no depth.

Mumme will have to adress it along with, defense and SP teams. During the off-season and his final contractual year.

Anonymous said...

I think that you may be right on about Chris's talent, but Chris is not the ONLY bright spot on this team. He is definitely a difference maker, but not the only one. With out some of the others Chris would be a great athlete performing sub par each week. He has made some great plays this season and last, but he has alos dropped some td passes as well. He is a huge bright spot for this team, but at a huge D1 school he may have never gotten the chance to step on the field. Thank goodness he's here and Mumme's offense suits him. I think it is his ticket to the NFL in a couple of years along with Chase and maybe Clever after this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna steal a page from the "Britney Spears You Tube Guy."

"Leave SM alone!! Leave him alone right, now!!"

SM is a true Aggie.
Maybe a bit over critical but, a good guy.
He's up in Houston practicing law and is frustrated that he can't see the Aggies in person.

He may be critical after a tough loss but, a gamer on Saturdays.