Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big plays

Huge 10-yard penalty on NMSU right before Kaufman's punt at the 9:12 mark of the first quarter. The Aggies were forced to re-punt and it was blocked. Kaufman's original punt was very good, Boise got it at their own 30. After the block they got it at the NMSU 30. Four plays later, TD to make it 14-0.

The penalty was a hold on long snapper Dan White.


Anonymous said...

Which WRs are playing and whos not?

Teddy said...

All are going. Cleaver looks gimpy. Chase went to the bench though. McDermott came in at the start of the second quarter.

Anonymous said...

Is it basketball season yet??? This is a complete emberessement on National TV!!!!

Teddy said...

It looks like AJ is out. Michael Brewer has been playing linebacker in replace of Jamar Cotton. Things are falling apart.

Teddy said...

This is horrible

Anonymous said...

Complete ineptitude and total embarrassment. I am deeply saddened by this performance, injuries or not. The poor coaching and lack of preparation are absolutely horrible... reminiscent of the Mike Knoll years.

Teddy said...

What are they saying on TV?

Anonymous said...

hey teddy

2 ? for you

if the season goes totally you think that Dr Boston might make a HC change at the end of the season?

& do you think Mumme may make some changes to the coaching staff at the end of the year...( ie new DC )

Anonymous said...

The team has not showed up for two straight weeks.
LaTech is going to kill us and so is the rest of the WAC.

Is "butter fingers" Cleaver ankle hurting or is it his hands?

3-9 is a very strong possibility. I guess we are back to the days of being happy w/ beating a rival!

NMSU Volleybal beats FB any day!

Anonymous said...

At least Tony Samuel's teams showed heart.

Mumme is now 7-23 at NMSU and four of those wins are against 1-AA schools.
2-15 in the WAC!

Dr. Boston,
At what point do we cut our loses?

SM said...

This is what I posted on the UTEP blog:

Talk about two programs going in completely different directions this year. Here we go:

First the Miners. Great win for the program. Vitattoe had a coming of age game, and Moturi (sp?) is emerging as one of the top receivers in C-USA. In a weak conference, I would not be surprised if UTEP landed in the championship game. Also, you are the best coached team in the conference, and anybody that thinks Mike Price is not an upper-echelon coach is wrong. Good job UTEP.

Now for the Aggies. No realistic Aggie thought we would win, with or without Holbrook. But our lack of complete character took me by surprise. Our players folded after the first touchdown. Hal was severely outcoached as well. It was like Petersen had his hand on Hal's forehead while Hal was swinging punches aimlessly. It was pathetic how outcoached we were.

It is optimistic, but in the end naive, irresponsible, and clumsy to believe that NMSU is not the worst team in 1-A football. We beat the Miners because we got it into the hands of our best player. But now, we can't even do that. Go ahead Monchis, UTEPer, Dominguez, take your shots, because it will never be this easy to rip on the Aggies. Also, take your shots before basketball season, because that team will not be an embarassment.

Although I stopped playing football in 7th grade to focus on basketball and baseball, I truly believe that I could play for the Aggies. Suit me up, put me at Safety, and I would play just as hopelessly as our DBs are right now. Our athletes look like 1-AA athletes. They can't tackle, they are not fast, and they have bad field awareness. Even my wife was amazed with how slow and unskilled the Aggies looked, and she hardly ever watches football. None of us are experts, but an elementary school kid could see how bad the Aggies are.

I'm going to take care of my predictions for the rest of the year:

La Tech 28, NMSU 13
Idaho 21, NMSU 19
Hawaii 72, NMSU 20
Nevada 45, NMSU 17
SJSU 28, NMSU 21
Fresno 35, NMSU 10

Ah, that feels better. On a good note for the Aggies, how bout Kenton Keith stepping in for Addai with the Colts and playing great? He looked real sharp.

Save us basketball!!!

Anonymous said...

The pre-season goals coming out of the FB locker room were:
1) Beat our rivals
2) Win the WAC
3) Go to a Bowl game

We beat Utep but, loss to UNM.
Win the WAC? 58-0 beating to the champ does not help.

We are not going to win the WAC, period.
If we want to go bowling, we need to go undefeated at home and win one road game.
Easier said than done.

I'm a pretty optimistic guy but, a 58 point whipping...I'll get back on the bandwagon before Saturday.

Anonymous said...

It's only 8:30 AM but, Boise just scored again!

We should change our school colors to Black & Blue!

Anonymous said...

A couple of post game awards.

1) Ron Jeremy award: Tharp, for use of his right appendage!

2) Jenna Jamison award: NMSU QB's, for spending time on their backs!

They put their feet so far up our rear ends, we'll be crapping "Smurf Turf" Blue for a month!

Anonymous said...

Only one word describes this performance--PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

synonyms of embarrassing: awkward, bewildering, compromising, confusing, delicate, difficult, disagreeable, discomfiting, discommoding, discommodious, disconcerting, distracting, distressing, disturbing, equivocal, exasperating, helpless, impossible, incommodious, inconvenient, inopportune, mortifying, perplexing, puzzling, rattling, sensitive, shameful, shaming, sticky, ticklish, touchy, tricky, troublesome, troubling, uncomfortable, uneasy, unpropitious, unseemly, upsetting, worrisome

Anonymous said...

Any way we can get out of our next two ESPN (Nevada & Fresno St) games?
If we are going to get blown out, I'd rather not have the entire country see it.

Same ol Aggies. Just happy to beat a rival. 47 year bowl drought and counting!

Dr. Boston,
Does this look like progress to you?

Anonymous said...

Tired of excuses...

Lets stop ranting about how great Chase Holbrooks statistics are and win some games. We are getting worse with every game. McDermott is awful everytime I have seen him. We need to play smart and respect every team we play without all the smack talk. Win first. We still have a chance if we win all home games and one away game. Thats 8 wins. If we are as talented as we are supposed to be Mumme should get that result. Or else its another mediocre season for NMSU football.

Anonymous said...

Even if we were 100%.
I doubt we could have beaten Boise St. It's one thing to scare them at home and beat them away.

The big question is, how soon can NMSU put this game behind them and move forward?

Every game is winnable (except Hawaii) from here on out but, NMSU needs to be mentaly ready and execute.

Chase is going to play hurt the rest of the season. Who's gonna step up?

NMSU is known for folding.
Progress is gauged by putting the past behind you and taking care of business.

Same ol Aggies or new attitude Aggies?
The next few weeks we'll let us know.

SM said...

We have always been a basketball school, there is no question about that. But I think what people are mad about is how utterly dissappointing the Aggies have been after what was believed to be the best year yet under Mumme.

The thing that gets my nerves going is that we all invest in NMSU football. For us alumni, I am not talking financially. Rather, we invest our time, our energy, our emotion, and our gratitude in a program that nets zero return. For instance, you would not invest in a stock that continuously plumeted. Likewise, Aggie fans should not have to invest emotionally on a team that is plumetting. The Aggie fans deserve better than that. I'm not sure the team is putting forth the full effort, but I have to assume that they are.

Say what you want about Samuel, but it never got this bad during his years. Sure, we would get spanked around in money games, but we never got worked by conference teams the way Mumme's teams are. Under Samuel, we smashed Denvis Manns, Chris Barnes, Kenton Keith, Paul Dombrowski, and Buck Pierce right down peoples throats. We ran the ball, controlled the clock, and seemed to be in every conference and rivalry game. The "air raid" is exciting, but it has resulted in 7 wins and 23 losses, only 3 of those wins against D-1 opponents. That is 3-23 against D-1. Tell me how we are better off without Samuel?

At the end of the day, it is just football. These kids are in school to get an education. But this is Mumme's is not just football for him. If we were improving every year, then I think people would be satisfied. But we have become a lot worse from last year. Even before the injury, Holbrook was throwing a ton of picks, Cleaver was dropping passes left and right, and our only consistent player has been CW. Now we can't get the ball into his hands.

There is a strong chance that we go winless in the WAC, and Las Cruces deserves better than that. We aren't demanding that Mumme create the next Boise in Las Cruces, but it is not too much to ask to be competitive and play with heart.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely hold Mumme accountable for Chase's interception. That shouod be grounds for firing right there. Everyone know that Hal should make Chase stop throwing picks.
Fire Mumme and Chase will not have balls bounce off of receivers or make a bad throw.