Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pope's absence

Obviously, much has been made about the absence of Herb Pope, who is still clearing hurdles in regards to his eligibility.

I was there yesterday when Menzies addressed the issue and it seemed like just a hiccup in the process. Herb will be playing basketball with the Aggies eventually.

Now obviously it's somewhat annoying. Fans would like to see him on the court now, particularly during Friday's scrimmage. So much has been made of Pope and the intrigue increases. Frankly, it gets even greater with each passing day of him not playing.

Again, a lot will be asked of Herb this season. If he is everything people say, he will play a key part to the team immediately and his role will continuously increase with each game. But I do expect things to work out. Lets just see this kid take the court already.

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Anonymous said...

I know the clearinghouse process and if the coaches and/or Herb had taken care of it back in late June early July this would not be an issue right now.
Welcome to the disorganized world of college basketball. If you only knew...