Monday, October 22, 2007

Backers still likely out

Hal Mumme said that the three linebackers who are hurt - La'Auli Fonoti, Chris Nwoko and Jamar Cotton - probably won't return this weekend.

Cotton was expected. Fonoti and Nwoko were apparently week-to-week. But the coach said that it didn't look good for this week.

"Three of the four are still out and I don’t think they’ll be back this week," Mumme said.


Anonymous said...

Bad, bad news. We need those three to be competetive with Hawaii. What about Vince Butler?

Anonymous said...

Well, this sucks!

This is a game were not expected to win.
Why risk injury by rushing them back, right?
Let's get as many people healthy, as possible for Nevada on ESPN next Friday.

It think we can go undefeated at home but, in order to to bowling, we need to win all home and one away game.
That one road win is not going to happen this week!


Anonymous said...

With the way Fresno State is playing, I just don't think we'll win out at home. I expect them to challenge Hawaii and Boise State.

Anonymous said...

Why is LB Mike Hernishin not getting more playing time? He was one of our top tacklers last year before he got injured.

Anonymous said...

Let Cotton, Nwoko, and Fonoti get healthy. I rather have them back for the Nevada game, because we have a great chance at winning that game. Nevada, San Jose State, and Utah State are the three games we need to win.