Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pope, McKines and Young can't practice

Jason Groves is reporting that Herb Pope, Wendell McKines and Jahmar Young have all not been granted eligibility by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Groves said that all three are expected to be cleared within the next week.


Anonymous said...

Those things will care of themselves.
Why the heck are talking BB? Practice hasn't even started!

Hey, we got a damn FB game that needs winning!
Let's Go Aggies!
Let's steal a page from Mike Vick and shoot some bulldawgs (not literaly), get a big "W," and get ready to Victimize the Vandals!!

Aggies are bowl ready!

Anonymous said...

The road to a Bowl game starts in Ruston.
Let's take care of business and go Aggies!!!!