Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Common now

Much has been made on the board about Aggie football and how some still care and how some just don't. Well, I'm here to give my thoughts.

The Buss made a comment on the last entry, "wake me up when basketball starts." OK. We'll do that. And you're more than welcome to have that opinion. But, what happens if the basketball team has a down year? When do we wake you up then? I really hope if the basketball team struggles this year, all these "lifetime" Aggie fans don't hide in a hole. Although, I think we all know the banwagon will have some - try many - jumpers.

I have been a Detroit Lions fan for years. For those who haven't checked, they've been arguably the worst team in football....Of all time. But I have remained very loyal. I don't go around wearing Lions gear everywhere and shove it in everyone's face like some cornball. But my knowledge of the team remains extremely strong and I have always remained interested. Sometimes mad, and yes, very critical, but always interested, and I have never not cared about the outcome of one of their games no matter the record, time or location. That doesn't mean I'm blind to the horrible personnel moves or just the plain incompetence of the organization. A good fan needs to look at his team with a critical eye. But I have never backed down from my loyalty to the Lions.

As for the Aggie football team, I understand the years of frustration can boil over and people become indifferent to how the program does. But, believe it or not, the game on Friday is the biggest the Aggies have had in November in years. I really have a hard time seeing them winning, but at the same time, it's a huge game, not just for them, but for Nevada also. The Aggies are actually in the WAC race believe it or not. At least numbers wise they are. NMSU is 4-5, 1-3 in conference. The Wolf Pack are 4-4, 2-2. This is a must win game for both teams! For the Aggies, if they lose, well, they're basically done, minus a minor miracle taking place. If Nevada loses, they get dragged closer to the WAC pack and will be in the same boat as NMSU - 2-3 in conference, fighting for their lives every week. And you can't argue with the significance of that. I actually think you're going to see a good game on Friday between one hungry team (Nevada) and another desperate team (NMSU).

Hopefully, there is a decent crowd and people will be pulling hard for the home team. It's a November game that actually means something. But oh, wait, basketball can always be your safety net, I forgot. Heck, I certainly hope so. If not, that means the banwagon will be real thin.


Anonymous said...

Actually, if the NMSU hoops team has a bad year, then we move on to baseball or next year's football team. That's the beauty of being an alum of a school. We always love our teams, but its easy to move from a bad/dissapointing football season to a promising basketball season. If they lose Friday, which I fully anticipate, then I too will have completely moved on to hoops. Bottom line, I'm always interested in the Aggies, and will always root for them. Never against them, even if I wager against them. But I must admit, at this juncture I'm much more interested in NMSU hoops than football. A win Friday night could change things.
-Aggie Glare

David said...

Bravo, Teddy. Bravo.

I'm excited for hoops, but I'm not putting football on the back burner. Unfortunately, it seems that is not the general sentiment. The crowd is going to be weak Friday. Which is a shame. I think we pull out the win if we had strong crowd support, no problem. Instead it's going to be a struggle.

The Buss said...

Hey, I'll be there at the games, I'm an alumni and a supporter, more of basketball and football than anything else. I made my comment because it's frustrating how we go through this each year. There's all this hype surrounding the football team, and they're getting destroyed out there, I don't see a lot of improvement. I've always been a basketball person, my dad coached, and it has always been my sport. I was in the stands when they won 6 games a few years ago, cheering them on, and I'll be there this year.

Aggie Glare speaks the truth, it's easy to move from football to basketball, say what you will, but this is a basketball town, at least as far as NMSU goes. I was supporting our terrible football taem back when you were still covering Roswell High and Goddard, so keep it in perspective. I like this blog, but come on man, live in reality, our football team sucks, I love them, but they suck. Basketball needs to start, and start soon.

Teddy said...

I just hope that there are as many hoops fans if the team struggles as there were last year.

And if you were supporting the team when I was in Roswell, that's not a major accomplishment. I was there for 1 year, last year. Right when the team was peaking.

No doubt, the football team has been terrible for years — and that's an understatement. This is not an attack on you, you actually put your name on your posts which I greatly appreciate. You put yourself in the fire and that's not to be overlooked.

Sport fans just tend to be fickle. If the football team was on fire, the banwagon would be on overboard.

The Buss said...

Yeah, you're right, I'm not angry with you or anything, I actually like this blog, because you're trying to keep the interest out there. I'm just a very realistic person, and can tell you that Aggie football frustrates the heck out of me, but mainly because I am a fan.

I just don't like being called fickle, I read this blog because I'm a fan, and you're our link to any insider information. Anybody who follows NMSU football season after season is anything but fickle. I will always be an Aggie basketball fan first, even if they don't end up being good.

You are right, however, that man sports fans are very much 'bandwagoners.' I've sat in the Pan Am when the Aggies won only a few games and was one of maybe 4,000 in there. Last year, everybody was coming out. It's the nature of things, but it makes you respect those real fans a little more. Sorry about the snide comment about Roswell, I'm actually from there, so I know the pain of having to live and work in a hobo-village like that. You're better off here.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are not going to the game....they have given up hope.

It'a gonna be pretty sad if only 10k fans show up and the entire country is watching.

Show up and support them.
If they start stinking it up, then you have a right to leave but, please give the team the benefit of the doubt.

Go Aggies, beat Reno!


Teddy said...

This problem is not sololey related to NMSU. It happens in all of sports, if you win, interest levels go up. Expecting a packed house to watch mediocre teams year in and year out is just not feaseable.

No doubt, LC is bball first and foremost. I also feel it's hard to attract 35,000-plus fans to a football stadium in this region.

After suffering through tons of miserable seasons on the football field, Aggie fans are tired of banging their heads against the wall. This team is also frustrating in outfit, one week they are high flying and exciting, the next they look completely different. There is major inconsistency there.

No hard feelings, this blog is about differing opinions and point-counterpoint. That's the idea. That's sports. Let's keep it rolling.

Anonymous said...

Well all you bball fans, you are soon going to be dissapointed. Some Pope news is swirling around and it doesn't look too good!! I won't spill the beans just yet. Only because I am an anonymous writer so my credibility may not be there. Keep your ears open and Ill be waiting for Teddy's blog regarding this matter........

Anonymous said...

There's that word again-"desperate' being used to illustrate Aggie football. That's a big part of the problem,because that's how they coach and then play on the field.Lack of planning on NMSU's part does not constitute an emergency on the fan's part.WHY do they ALWAYS get into this situation year after year?

Anonymous said...

This probably won't get posted,but "the buss" is probably suffering from "battered Aggie syndrome".Season after season of promises made only to be dashed by mid-season letdowns and excuses made for losing-but things will be better next year is the promise-and so the cycle begins again.

Mercury Hayes said...

I thought your "Common now" response is the tye of writing that needs to be in the paper. Without the Lions bit, of course. But your printed articles always seem to be more of the same and less of what is funny/interesting. You can be funny and factual at the same time. The same goes for critical/supportive. Being a fan of the Aggies gives you the right to complain. I would just like to see your real sports thoughts get into the paper. Start saying that the Aggies have to play better and then tell us why you think so with some stats that no longer support the idea that we are just a few big plays away from contending for the WAC title. The Sun-News needs to give us more Aggie headlines/taglines to use as support for our fanaticism.

P.S. Who cares about Herb Pope. One guy does not make a team, go ask Kobe Bryant.

Anonymous said...

"I also feel it's hard to attract 35,000-plus fans to a football stadium in this region."

It could be done -- you've never been to a Cruces-Mayfield game. It may not be a sell out, but that game comes closer to 35,000 than I've seen at any Aggie game.

Teddy said...

This is true...I've heard stories about Cruces, Mayfield games at AMS

Anonymous said...

LC does not appreciate having a D-1 football program. The fans are amoung the worst/unloyal I have ever seen and I have been all over the country. You don't know what you have! You are a town of 75k and you have D-1 sports. Not many towns that size are lucky enough to be in that position. This team is entertaining and it's YOUR team.
Face the's NMSU, not Michigan or even Boise. It's a low budget operation that will never compete any better than it's budget allows. Fans should support these teams win or lose, or you are not a true fan. How can you just give up and move on to the next team/sports season? That's a quitter's/loser's mentality.
Teddy, what the hell are you talking about when you say LC is a basketball town? You been in LC for one year. Look at the 20-30,000 that pack Memorial Stadium for the Mayfield v LC game every year. Look at the crowd at the UTEP game. Look at the passion there is in this area for HS football.
I hope the day comes when NMSU is facing the loss of its D-1 status in football because of lack of fan support. Maybe then LC people will realize how fortunate they are.
A loyal fan

The Buss said...

To anon who referenced me as a sufferer of "battered Aggie syndrome," it's very true. Those of us who follow NMSU football are used to the hollow promises of glory, and by the end of October, everyone's just holding out for a winning record.

And if Herb Pope doesn't end up being eligible or something, it's not the end of the world. We have a strong team that will be competitve in a conference that doesn't have as many weapons as it had a year ago. If the NMSU basketball team can get consistency early on, they'll battle right there with Utah State for the WAC title again this year.

Anonymous said...

To the "anon loyal fan", how about this regarding our (yes, I said OUR) football team:
(1) Our best player (Holbrook) has been banged up half the season.
(2) Our next best player (CW) is out for the year.
(3) Most of our starting linebackers are out with injury.
(4) NMSU has the 79th rated scoring O, which was supposed to be our strength. We also are one dimensional with the 6th rated passing O and 109th rated rushing O.
(5) Our QBs have tossed 17 interceptions, which is 8 more than all of last season.
(6) NMSU has the 105th rated scoring D, 83rd rated total D, and 106th rated passing D.
(7) In WAC play, our two loses to the top teams were by a combined 108-13. We're not even close to competing for a WAC title. Keep in mind that's "WAC", not PAC 10 or SEC. And we lost to La Tech!

Like I said before, I'll always root for the Aggies. And since I live 700 miles away, I watch every televised game and will be watching tomorrow. I'm not one to suggest Mumme should be fired - we don't have that type of money or prestige. I'm realistic enough to realize there's not a long list of top notch coaches chomping at the bit for a shot as NMSU's next head coach.

Moving on to basketball is not a quitter's or loser's mentality. It would be if I was a playing for the Aggies. If NMSU wins tomorrow night, I'll be happy to admit I was wrong. In fact, I'll be happy - period! Already moving on to basketball may very well be premature on my part. But it's also very well justified, with or w/o Herb Pope. Go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare