Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holbrook will play

Chase was at the team's press conference today and interviewed with the media.

He said he's as close as he possibly could be to 100 percent.


The Buss said...

Wake me up when basketball starts.

Teddy said...


Anonymous said...

It does not matter if
Chase is there or not. Mumme will still loose the game for them with his screwy game plan. Sorry but
I have no faith. Feel free to prove me wrong!

Anonymous said...

What was the nature of the injury in question?

Anonymous said...

I too have pretty much moved on to hoops, but not completely. I am curious to see if NMSU can beat Nevada. It would be a big win for Mumme and the Aggies. Having said all that, I expect Nevada to win. Short week, injuries, and the NMSU D vs Nevada O is a bad match-up. Hope I'm wrong.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I just hope we don't get Punked on national TV.

It's one thing to get whipped @ Hawaii, when everyone (the country)is asleep vs. being spanked on ESPN Friday night, and every D1 school are in there hotel rooms watching!

Me and my family will be at the game.
Please don't embarrass our school!

Anonymous said...

If we beat Nevada, our bowl hopes are still very much alive. If we are eligible, I think the NM bowl takes NMSU because obviously it would generate the more ticket sales given we are an in-state team. Beating Nevada would give the team some confidence, then if we could beat SJSU on the road we'll be in good shape with only having to beat USU to get eligible.

If we lose to Nevada, I think all hope for a bowl game is lost. I just can't see NMSU beating Fresno St., even if it is at home.

I'm already dissapointed in how small the crowd is going to look on national TV this Friday given that virtually everyone has already given up on this team even though they have a chance to finish with a winning record and/or bowl game appearance. So if you're one of those people who don't want the team to embarrass us on national TV, come to the game and don't embarrass our city with poor attendance on national TV.