Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't be fooled by defense's performance

Like I said in my follow up, if Idaho can throw the ball in that game, the outcome is different.

The Aggie defense was not good at all last night. Idaho ran for a ton of yards and had guys open left and right downfield, only to miss the targets. The Vandals still scored 31 points, had an interception returned against them for 100-plus yards and stalled out deep in Aggie territory late when they were forced to go for it.

Again, special teams take blame as well for horrible kickoff and kickoff coverage units. But, to a degree, that falls into the same category as defense. Different coaches, different players, but still the same idea of discipline and tackling.

Again, NMSU is forced to score at least 35 points a game and pray that the defense can hang on from there. Tough to win, week in and week out with that approach.


Anonymous said...

That House kid is gonna be a good one.
He played well in SP Teams against Utep. Just needs some muscle and experience!

Defense will need to play way better vs. Hawaii.
Are Nwoko, Fonoti, Butler and Cotton going to be back this week?

Buckner's got some big shoes to fill. He and everyone will have to step up in CW's abscence.


Anonymous said...

Roy Gerela, (NMSU kicking coach) needs to be evaluated for his coaching ability. I have never seen such poor kicking. Is the kicker being told to squib kick? Why are they doing this? High school kickers do a better job. Look at the poor field position we put our defense under after every kickoff.. What the hell is Mumme thinking? When we play a decent team they will run the ball back every kickoff...

Anonymous said...

Anyone else believe that the injuries on defense has depleted the special teams as well? We have to replace teh linebackers that are injured on defense with guys like Nick Ply. In turn, we have to replace them on special teams, mostly with walk on players.

Now, I'm not saying we've been gangbusters on special teams this season at all, but these injuries are having a trickle down effect to special teams as well.

Anonymous said...

I thought the defense played a good game. We were missing 4 starters as well, so you knew we would struggle a little bit. Idaho has a pretty good running game this year. I think they started to use this offense a few weeks ago after their starting QB got hurt. They ran for over 200 yards last week against Fresno State. NMSU defense made some big plays on Saturday, so we need to give them some credit. Idaho did miss some open WR towards the end of the game, but you can't use that as a excuss, because NMSU dropped a INT in the endzone on one of those drives, and Allen dropped a touchdown pass in the first quarter that would of gave us 45 points in the first half. Our defense played good early in the second half. Idaho hit 1 of 2 field goals. NMSU had a chance to go up 28 or 35 points if our offense could of scored some points after the missed Idaho field goal, and the big stop after that drive. So I thought the defense did everything they needed to do to win the game.