Friday, October 5, 2007

I think Holbrook is going to play

So I think Holbrook is going to play after all.

I spoke with someone who said that he knew players on the football team and they have told him that Chase will suit up. This person told me that Chase has been practicing this week and that he suffered a chest contusion versus APB. Not sure how asccurate this source was but he appeared to be alright.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least.



Chile Duck said...

Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. Your source is a person who knows players on the team? Too 2nd hand to give it much credence.

However, I understand your willingness to give us some news, and I appreciate that. I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see Holbrook on the Blue stuff after all, either.

I don't like waiting until Sunday night to find out!

Anonymous said...

Chase is a warrior!
If he can play he will.

Keep in mind that bruised ribs don't go away easy and will probably have to play the entire season in pain.

He played in pain last year and will do it again.
The O-line and RB's will have to protect him like never before!

Anonymous said...

Chile duck, i was thinking the same thing, but then I thought. Wait a tick, this a blog. This is exactly the type of info I want from a Blog. One thing to put it in print, but fine to report on a blog.

Anonymous said...

At the Idahostatesman sports blog, the only item of even mild interest about the NMSU - Boise State game is which Boise backup quarterback will get into the game to complete the mop up. Those blue bozos are totally looking past this game. I hope Mumme does have some tricks up his sleeve that will leave these puffed up ponies reeling. Go Aggies!

Teddy said...

Thank you...And secondly, Felix had a similar encounter with another person today who gave him the same information. Chase is starting. Buckle up.

Anonymous said...

Chase is playing?!!
Saddle up Aggies, were going for a ride!!