Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In my last entry, Abran talks about stability and how it can foster success. I would have to agree with him. Firing a head coach offers a "quick fix" solution, but it isn't always the way that works. I think fans would be wise to stick it out with Mumme for at least another season after this.

The loss at Boise was a disaster but other than that the team has had a decent year. Pine Bluff was bad as well but they still won. And they have been competitive in all their other games.

The one thing that has marked the Mumme era has been poor defense and a subpar kicking game. A reckless attitude towards these two crucial elements will get a coach burned every time. But NMSU plays an exciting brand of football and are improving each year. One week at a time. They have to beat Idaho this weekend. That will give them four wins, matching last season's total. And they beat UTEP, which means something. The team continues to play hard through injuries and could have folded after Boise. They played hard against La. Tech and should have won. Jumping off the deep end and replacing the people in charge is not the solution today, tomorrow or next week.

I would say give him two more years after this. It might raise some eyebrows for some, but that's my philosophy. If no progress is in place after that, then a change will be warranted.


Anonymous said...

It's all about progress. If you can see progress, and I think we are. No changes should be made.

The kids Mumme is recruiting are more talented, stronger and faster in a long, long time.

The problem is that it is mainly the starters or it's mostly on the offensive side of the ball.
Hey, winning and NMSU don't go hand in hand, and getting this thing turned around was never meant to be easy.

However, we are really, really close!
A six win season this year and bowl trip next year should give Mumme an extension.

I'm ready for big WIN on Saturday! Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

Mumme has had plenty of time and excuses. If he can't put a 500 team together by the end of this year he should get the boot! When Boston hired him didn't he give Mumme some goals to meet? I would think a guy making the money Mumme makes should of been given some goals that absolutely must be met or suffer the consequences. Hey this is D-1A football not high school! Mumme is a big boy (at least he likes to come off that way),so let's quit treating him like a fragile wimp. Winning is everything, loosing is for excuse specialists! I say 500 or get out of town. To be 500 after three years is not that much to ask. I'm tired of these ugly football games. We want a winner!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stability is key. Tony Samuel was allowed two full recruiting classes before his contract wasn't renewed. I can't believe some people pine over the "good 'ol days". There were no good 'ol days with Samuel! We barely had two winning seasons in crummy conferences and no bowl appearances.

Anonymous said...

What's the mood of the team this week?

I heard Chase, Cleaver and AJ will be back.
What about the defensive side? Who's in/ out?

I really hope we get a win and get some momentume for Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Reality check to all NMSU fans - we don't have the luxury to fire a football coach who has a contract (not sure, but I believe he has another year or two on his contract). I too have been disappointed with the football team. But firing Mumme is not fiscally responsible. And yes, at our school with our budget, fiscal responsibility matters. I'm not convinced Mumme is the right guy for the job, but at this juncture it's premature to think dismissal.
- Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I liked Samuel as a person, but his downturn is still affecting us. If not for the APR Mumme would have 14 more players on this years team that would be redshirt sophmores or juniors. I am not satisfied with the "baby step" progress the team has shown the last two years, but anyone looking at it through what is realistic, would agree Mumme should be given the chance to ride out his contract.