Saturday, October 13, 2007

Special teams a problem

Really, this always seems to be the case.

In my last post I noted how NMSU held onto the ball for 12 more minutes but didn't have the stats to show for it. That could be because the team could not put the ball through the uprights.

The Aggies missed two field goals, one from deep and the other which was blocked and returned deep into NMSU territory. That play led to a La Tech FG.

OK, fine, lets say NMSU misses the first one. If they boot the second one home, that's a six point swing right there. La Tech doesn't even come close to kicking there's. And if they nail the first, that is nine points in the bag. Special teams is so important and so overlooked. Three phases of football - offense, defense, special teams. When was the last time NMSU played well in all three in the same game? They have a 3-4 record and have lost two straight, dropped three of four and the one win was an awful game against Pine Bluff. It's not a coincidence.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Young missing the two field goals. The problem is that he is not getting any decent coaching from Hal and Roy. Kicking is mental. Gerela can not help this kid with that, and Mumme is just lost period, when it comes to the kicking game. Mumme can make all the excuses he wants but as I predicted earlier in the season they need a couple of seasoned JC kids to carry the kicking game until the freshmen can come around. The missed field goals cost them the game but I don't blame Young. Mumme and Gerela must shoulder the blame and not this kid! Paul keep your head up and don't get discouraged it's not your fault son! This is starting to look like the previous two years. Does anybody else see a pattern here? Gerela must go!