Monday, October 8, 2007


Last night's game was disgraceful. McDermott was in way over his head. How does this team not have a certifiable backup? Chase went down a few times last year. You need a backup QB. NMSU's offense struggled with Holbrook in but without him they were at a complete standstill.

The defense was miserable, but that's nothing new. We all know the D is miserable. That just comes with the territory. The only way this team has a chance is if they score at least 30 points. And they scored zero last night. You do the math.

I actually feel for Widenhofer. The D has limited talent and when they do bring in, say a good DB, he'll get moved to offense in a matter of time. I would be very frustrated if I was an assistant on this coaching staff. There's some good coaches there, but they get dragged down by a half-hazzard approach on and off the field.

I think that Mumme is going to come back next year unless the team absolutely folds the rest of the way. Judging from last night that's not completely out of the question but again, with Chase in, we've seen them play well at times. Mumme could very easily be asked to replace some members of his staff, mostly on the defensive side. But it won't matter who's coaching over there. The team's approach to defense as a whole breeds lackluster play. And offensively.....You need a backup QB who can run the team. Otherwise, you'll just get humiliated on both sides of the ball.


Anonymous said...

A promising season is taking a turn for the worst.

Last night was very tough to watch. Chase gave it a go and he was clearly in pain from the first snap.
JJ McDermott has the tools to be a good QB but, is too green and needs a year or two in the system.

If things don't get better. Mumme might be gone but, he is Dr. Boston's boy and will probably be allowed to run out his four year contract.
Financially, NMSU can't afford to fire him, keep paying him for a year and bring in a new coach at the same.

I suspect he will have to get rid of a few assistants or his head will roll in 08.

What did Mumme say in post game conference?
What's the mood like today w/ the staff/ players?

Anonymous said...

Teddy, why would they fire some of the coaches and still keep Mumme? It starts at the top and runs downhill. Isn't Mumme the one who hires the assistant coaches? You can not blame the assistant coaches for the overall complete breakdown of a football team. Some-ONE must be accountable. I'm sorry, but it looks like more of the same excuses and performance issues to me. All teams have injury, and grade problems, but at some point you must recruit and have decent depth to win ball games. How many more "building" years must we endure? I think Mumme has had enough time to build at least a 500 team. We will see what happens the next 7 games but I do not feel very confident at this point he can even come close to delivering what we want. Mr. Boston are you listening?

Anonymous said...

It was an eye opener, all the hype surrounding NMSU is unwarranted, this team still sucks. So they beat a couple of D-II's (and barely at that) and a mediocre UTEP team, they're still not good, and last night's game, in front of the entire nation, proved that without a doubt. Maybe now we can start waiting for basketball to start, because this is just another crappy NMSU football season.

Anonymous said...

"There's some good coaches there, but they get dragged down by a half-hazzard approach on and off the field."

Care to elaborate, Teddy? Actually, i agree with much of what you have to say...but you seem to be letting Woody completely off the hook for the bad D. While there is limited talent, his game plans (except for UTEP) have been very poor. Have we had a single opponent who did not make consistent and huge gains off the screen pass? Has there been a credible pass rush to take the pressure off our DBs(why so little blitzing -- probably because the DL is not getting it done)? Has there been numerous, inexplicable broken coverages? Has the tackling been piss poor? We all know the answers to these questions.

Anonymous said...

With a 1-3 record(in games that count) what is your opinion in how we finish out the season?
A team that had bowl aspirations to start the season only has 7 games left to get to 6 wins. Good news is that 4 of those are at home. Bad news is one of those road games is a must win in order to even be bowl eligible. La. Tech, Hawai'i and San Jose St. They better turn it around quick in Ruston, because I don't see a W on the Islands or in Northern California.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep in mind the loss of 15 scholarships to the APR. That's one of the reasons we are lacking depth.
Althought legit, how much longer can we use the APR as an excuse?

No doubt that some of the assistants will be let go if things don't get better.
The players will have to play for those coaches and their families livelyhoods the rest of the season!!

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Mumme closing practice and not doing interviews?

Shouldn't he be facing the music!or is he working on a special play for powerfull LaTech?

He better do something quick! 2-15 in WAC play is totally un-acceptable!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the backup QB situation and had
to reflect on Alex Gibson's
injury in Spring Ball.

Hopefully, that's the last
time the QB is not hand's
off during the Spring.

Had he to do it again,
I'm sure Mumme would agree.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Boston is a fair man. He will evaluate Mumme's performance at season end. A bowl appearance will save Mumme's job. For now, Mumme must take full blame for the national TV embarrassment. He knew going in against Boise State that Chase was injured. Why didn't he invest more into getting the backup QB ready? The Defense, O-line, and the RB's stunk except for J. Williams. He had only 3 rushes but was the only RB with positive rushing yards and also had the game-longest reception of 19 yards along with C. Williams. How can NMSU beat even Las Cruces High's football team with a slow lethargic non-performing O'line, an unprepared freshman QB, and RB's who can't produce positive yards with or without blocking? It's time for Mumme to win or go!

Anonymous said...

That was definetly an embarrassment and a butt woopping. Maybe Mumme should keep his mouth shut when talking trash on Boise State.

Boise faithful

Anonymous said...

I guess we will have to sweep Boise three times in Basketball..oh, we did that already. Again!

Aggie faithfull!

The Buss said...

This has nothing to do with Boise State, they're obviously a very good team. This has to do with the embarassment that is Aggie football. The bowl talk in the preseason was unearned, and a win against UTEP doesn't change that. NMSU football is going nowhere and they're staying there.

If Boise State people want to come in here and start stuff, it's because they're insecure about basketball season, where the hype does at least have some credence, so forget them.

Teddy said...

Boise's better at football. NMSU is better at hoops. Can we let this be now?