Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crimson/White Scrimmage

I know people like football, but we need to get some hoops talk out here. The season is on the horizon and the Crimson/White scrimmage is kicking off on Friday, which should get major interest from the Aggie fan base.

Why? Well, it's the first basketball action that will be seen on this campus in seven months. And what anticipation for the season. Fans are expecting big things from Aggie basketball this year. I expect a lot of excitement, at least early on as the dust settles and things fall into place. Lots of changes though.

Marvin Menzies takes over and there was some roster turnover too. It will be interesting to see how the new pieces fit together. Basketball, you just don't go out and play it. Chemistry is so important and how everyone meshes will determine how the season goes. Talent wise? The team's got that, no doubt.

Some things to watch for in Friday's scrimmage:

Point guard matchup: Elijah Ingram is gone. He would make you scratch your head sometimes with his shot selection, but he was a money player who wasn't afraid to fire away. Teams need someone like that. He had flair. Fred Peete, Johnathan Gibson, JayDee Luster and Chris Cole all appear to be in the running. My money's on Peete, he's a veteran. Gibson has potential. Luster is young, but he's a little fireball. Cole could be a darkhorse. This story will unfold throughout the year, but its one to keep an eye on, starting tonight.

Herb Pope: We've heard all about him. Now we can see him in action. Pope seems like the real deal and Jason Groves walked away from their interview together impressed with his maturity. Pope will have a lot on his shoulders this year though. Tyrone Nelson is gone. And although Nelson had a down season last year, he was still a productive player, one who could get 20 and 10 on any given night. You don't just pick someone like that up off the street. At the same time, Pope could be all that and more. Herb can play either the 3 or the 4 and it will be interesting to see where he fits in best. He will likely play a key role on the team from Day 1. It starts Friday.

All the newcommers: Lots was made of this recruiting class. Pope, Luster, DeAngelo Jones, Paris Carter and Jahmar Young. In all likelihood, they're the future of the program. We'll see what it's all about.

Comparing/contrasting styles: How will the team stack up from last season? What will be similar, what will be different? People who think the team will be identical, minus the coaching staff, are wrong. The staff will have a lot of influence on what this team is all about. And the roster also has some wrinkles. Justin Hawkins will continue to roll along, as will Peete. Those two have been in the trenches and understand what it takes. But how will things shake out outside of that?

A lot of anticipation for Aggie hoops in 2007-08.


The Buss said...

I realize that Elijah Ingram and Shawn Davis stepped it up in the WAC tournament, but for much of the season prior to that, they were the biggest liability on a strong team. I'm excited about the possiblities at the guard position. Peete is going to be a star this year, and Gibson showed late last year that he was what it takes.

You're right about Pope, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders as he walks in. The loss of Tyrone Nelson was bigger than anyone realizes, and it'll take someone with a lot of skill to fill that position.

I'm really excited about this season, I was about last season too, and that ended up going pretty well. The interesting thing is to see how well Menzie's coaching style matches up with the talent that NMSU has, which is considerable. It's too early to call another WAC Championship, but they're definitely capable of it.

Anonymous said...

what time does the scrimmage start of friday? i think the aggies will win the WAC once again, they will beat Louiville but not so sure about Duke. lets play ball!!!!

SM said...

Man, we could sure use a good basketball season, and I think we are going to get it. I'd like to see Peete take a more proactive role in scoring, altough at point, the team's interest may be better served if he can dish 6 assist per game.

I think Gibson is a good player, and he stepped in for some crucial minutes and played well. If he can improve his outside game, he will be dangerous. I have yet to see Luster, but I'm sure he can be a spark plug like Jason Fontenet, only better.

I hope Hawkins continues to play like a leader, and I would love to see his three point shot come into play this year. Pope appears to be the real deal, and I think he can be an immediate impact scorer.

Lots to look forward to this year for basketball.

Anonymous said...

Im excited for this season too. It seems we have a lot of hardworkers on the team this year and the slackers are gone i.e. Ingram & Nelson.
Pope is an NBA prospect, Iti has a chance, Hawkins and Peete have a slight chance but will probably be overseas!
It'll be great to see how they all play together and how they play under Menzies.

Teddy said...

The women play at 7 p.m. with a 22 minute running clock. After their game, they will have a 3-point contest.

The men take the court at 9, have a 27-minute running clock and follow that with a dunk contest.

It should be fun times for everyone.