Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Must win?

I don't think there is a question that Saturday's game is a must-win for the Aggies.

The team needs to bounce back after last week's performance. Just get that taste out of their mouths.

I spoke with McDermott today and I was impressed by his demeanor. Very cool and calm. It seems like he's ready for this. The question is, is he ready for the speed of the game and does he have a grasp of the offense.

I think he knows the system. He and Chris Williams said that they have been working together for weeks now and that J.J. often practices with the first unit. Against Boise, it looked like he was thrown off by the tempo, specifally the rush. Chase does a great job of keeping his eyes downfield and finding the open man. Again, he has a lot of experience while J.J. is green.

The season is not over. The team needs to respond. This is a big week for Aggie football.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a must win.

Since the 2nd half of Auburn, the team has played horrible!
They need to get a win and get the "fair weather" fans back on the bandwagon for Homecoming.
Lose, and only 10k fans will show up.

The next away games are at Hawaii and San Jose. Tough places to get a "W."
In order to go bowling we need to win all of our home games and one road game. I'd rather get that road win now vs. the last road game of the season.

We have never beaten LaTech in Ruston and they will be wanting revenge after being whipped last season.

Anonymous said...

What, JJ practices with the fist team....Is Mumme an idiot? How could he give his back up time with the first team? You guys really need to know what goes on before you talk crap about there being no preparation for the back up QB. Go to practice sometime and get a clue

SM said...

Way to keep the topics flowing Teddy!

I think it is a must win, although I only say that because La Tech is an awful football team. I kind of wish the Aggies were playing Hawaii, or even Fresno State because those are games we are not likely to win anyway. Not that we need another embarassment, but it would be very defeating for this program to lose to a team like La Tech.

This can also be considered a must win from an improvement standpoint. La Tech was one of two D-1 teams the Aggies beat last year. If we lose to them this year, that suggests that our team has taken a step back from last year, which is an awful sign.

I hate the term "must-win," but if the Aggies can't find a way to win this game, the rest of the season will be very difficult. Fans will not come to the games, the skeptics (like myself) will be running their mouths, and we will probably have yet another coaching change. If there is any time to use the term "must-win," it is right now.

Anonymous said...

Has Mumme even gone on camera this week?
He cancelled his weekly interview w/ and has yet to answer any questions from Sundays slaughter.

The fan base is peeved and are already looking forward to BB season and BB practice hasn't even started!.
If he want's the fan base back, yes, It is a must win game!

Teddy said...

Williams said that McDermott practiced with the first team once or twice a week throughout the season. This week has been different, obviously. I don't think that's out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

When the season started in projecting a winning season we hoped to win all home games and maybe steal a road game at L. Tech and or San Jose. Hopefully the Aggies can win at L. Tech, if not and we get healthy win out at home and sneak one out at San Jose. San Jose has been hit with the injury bug as well. The key will be how long is it going to take to get healthy. If Chase and his recievers dont get well fast there is a chance we dont win any more games this year. Even with a healthy team Nevada and Fresno at home are still though games.