Saturday, October 13, 2007


This one was even tougher than the game at Boise State because the Aggies should have won.

The game did not go as I saw it in my pregame prediction. I was on the money with the score hovering in the high teens, low 20s, but I called an NMSU win 20-17. It looked promising until things unraveled late.

I also said the team should get the ball to Williams, which it did. He had a big night - 11 catches, 170 yards, 2 TDs, four carries for 21 yards and handled the majority of kick and punt returns. He's a star player, no matter the QB or matchup.

NMSU held down the La Tech rushing attack, surrendering only 98 yards. I thought the Bulldogs would be much more successful rushing the football and I thought Michael Mosley would do damage on the ground. In the end, Mosley was replaced by Zac Champion, who got hot late and basically led the Bulldogs to the win.

I said the team who would win TOP (time of possession) would win the game. Nope. NMSU held the ball 12-minutes longer than the Bulldogs. Still, surprisingly, with such a slanted time with the ball, the Aggies ran just three more plays and outgained them by just 17 yards. Strange.

McDermott handled himself very well and hooked up with Williams often. He also found Dubois six times for 53 yards and didn't turn the ball over once. I said he would finish with 250 yards, one touch, two picks. He surpassed that no problem, finishing with 319 yards, two touchdowns, zero picks. Good job by the freshman. He was not the reason they lost the game.

Still, the team self-destructed late, a reacurring theme that is extremely frustrating for anyone closely associated with them. The defense played well for three-plus quarters. Then, they simply fell apart for no ryme or reason. Truthfully, La Tech had so many drops early on, it was hard to judge how the Aggie D was playing. If the Bulldogs held on to some passes, they could have scored 30 tonight. They seriously had at least 10 drops it seemed.

I felt poorly following this one. After Boise, I was just mad. But this was much tougher to swallow.


Anonymous said...

I felt poorly too but I was mad at the same time. You would have been mad as well if you had to listen to our idiot radio announcers exclain with great joy about an Aggie interception that immediately turned into a non interception, grumble and complain about some play or the referees, try to get as many nonsensical words in between plays, and just generally be the biggest moron homers anyone has ever heard. I might be OK with Jack Nixon if it wasn't for his inseparable and incoherent friend Bob Sherman. If the Aggies are going to make progress on all fronts, getting a new broadcast team would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Mad = insane
Angry = upset/pissed off

Lets use that journalism degree Teddy.

Teasing btw

David said...

Nixon is the voice of the Aggies.

Teddy said...

Funny, funny....Uh, the poster above. Lets have some class. I'm not saying Nixon and Sherman are the second coming of Marv Albert and Walt Clyde Frazier but lets keep it clean. I don't think the team would play much better, regardless of who's in the booth.

Anonymous said...

There are people who can't go to the game, especially away games, and they must listen to Aggie football on the radio. Nixon and Sherman are the face of Aggie football to them. Those fans and the radio sponsors deserve better than what they are getting from the current team of announcers. This is something NMSU could improve that would help the overall program.