Friday, August 31, 2007

Some nuggets

Antonio Reddic will be a student at New Mexico State University this year.

Reddic will not play football as he starts his first semester at school. He is expected to play football next season and is supposedly a very talented player. Reddic’s top position is cornerback but it’s not out of the question for him to line up as a receiver from time to time.

Reddic could also play basketball but it depends on his GPA. If it is below a 2.5, he will just play football next year.


On the basketball court, 6-foot-6 guard Robert Lumpkin will redshirt next season for the Aggies. He will join Troy Gillenwater and Hamidu Rahman as redshirt players on the Aggie roster.

Lumpkin played at Kilgore Junior College last year. He has three years of eligibility remaining.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reddic on campus

Former Herb Pope teammate at Aliquippa High School Antonio Reddic was spotted at Aggie football practice on Monday with basketball assistant Chris Pompey.

Reddic apparently was the leading scorer on the basketball team in high school with Pope. But there are other interesting story lines.

Reddic was a highly rated football player as well. He played wide receiver and cornerback at Aliquippa but was expected to rate higher at corner on the college level. Rumor has it that Reddic was supposed to go to prep school this year. Regardless, I saw him conversing with Mumme as well on the field.

Football or hoops? That’s the question. I don’t know this kid’s deal but it is an interesting story line.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


NMSU lost no players of major significance due to grades.

Kyle Hughes’ loss hurts a bit but it was pretty much expected that he wouldn’t be around. The program had four new kickers at camp this summer. You don’t bring in four new faces unless you know something’s up. Time will tell on this one. If the kicking game is miserable again, people will point to the kid they brought in who never booted the ball for the team. But if FG’s aren’t a problem in ’07, then no one will worry about it.

Barry Huntley was having a decent spring but that’s also because Chris Buckner was struggling and the Aggies needed someone to push him. Huntley performed pretty well. But both of them were passed on the depth chart by freshmen in Gallup. I’m sure the staff knew about Huntley’s academics and made sure to get the newcomers some extra looks last week.

As for the other two, Leeds and Dowling, they never played with NMSU anyway. It seems like a marginal loss at worst. The core remains in place.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Martinez recovering

On a side note, starting left tackle Mike Martinez chipped a bone in his foot this past summer and has been sitting out a majority of the contact drills throughout camp.

Mumme said that it was true that Martinez had his foot injured and that keeping him out of the lineup was strictly a precaution. The team expects Martinez to be ready for Week 1.

Martinez clearly needs to be in the lineup. He’s a team leader and a cornerstone on the offensive line.

Eligibility still unclear

Hal Mumme did not give numbers regarding GPA on Friday but he did say that things looked pretty good for the team as far as grades and eligibility are concerned.
“I do know we did pretty good on our grades,” Mumme said. “(Director of compliance) Braun (Cartwright) said it looked good.”
Kyle Hughes appears to be an academic casualty as I stated previously. Most impact players made the trip to Gallup this week.
Mumme said that Braun Cartwright was still gathering the academic numbers and that an announcement was expected in the near future.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Harris charges dropped

McKinley Boston announced that AJ Harris has been cleared of all criminal charges and has been reinstated to the football team.

It sure didn’t take long for Harris to get back involved. He was out on the field in Gallup Wednesday morning, running routes with the second-string receivers. He dropped some balls but made some catches as well, shaking off some rust that comes with such a layoff.

Mumme has not said anything about a punishment for Harris. Since he was cleared, will he get anything at all? Have to find out.

Other Aggie news….
Justine Buries looked tentative today in practice during running drills. Coach Earnest Wilson showed frustration, yelling at him at one point to get more aggressive and to “create the hole”. Buries did turn it up after that but Tonny Glynn saw the majority of the carries.

Chris West made a few really nice grabs at the receiver position….. Freshman wide receiver Kenny Avora looks like an intriguing prospect. He’s tall – 6-foot-4, 217 pounds.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Harris sighting

A.J. Harris has been spotted at the NMSU facility. He is not practicing with the team but it appears as if he is going through solo workouts.

I was declined my interview request with Chris Woods during today’s practice. Take that for what it is. But it’s one of the only times I have not been allowed to speak with a player.

And I guess my other question is, is this team going to be able to stop the run? That was a major weakness last year and what have they done to correct that? If one of their starters at middle linebacker goes down, in steps Chris Nwoko. He was a power running back in the spring.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


An article from the Santa Monica Mirror.....

The bench — Pompey, Matt Grady, McMullen and Marvin Menzies

Some thoughts

Tight end Kyle Nelson is big for a freshman and he’s kind of a freak. He made a ridiculous catch in practice the other day. I was impressed.....

Kramer Winingham went down with an apparent leg injury (8/9/07). He walked off on his own power. I’ll monitor his progress. The team can’t afford a loss at MLB.....

The team loves Vince Butler. And they need Chris Woods out there. Those two will be huge for survival. If not, torch city.....

Spoke with Mike Martinez. He said he was real surprised with redshirt freshman Patrick Blount. Blount has been the top reserve on the O-line in camp. He’s given the team flexibility at tackle. Martinez also said that freshman Michael Grady has been a solid contributor thus far.....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Depth could be an issue

Some key areas on the NMSU football team would be devastated if injuries hit or players are forced to miss time for an extended period.

Just about every unit on defense would be crushed by injuries. The linebackers need to stay healthy as does the secondary. If people start dropping, the talent falls off quickly. Also, many young players are backups and will need to be eased into roles. A depleted group would throw those players into the fire too quickly.

Obviously, an injury to Chase Holbrook would cripple the Aggies’ season. Better protection is a must. He can’t be sacked 40 times again this year. Granted, when you pass that many times you’ll be put on the ground. But he needs better protection. Alex Gibson looked good in the spring, but he’s done for the year with a torn ACL. And J.J. McDermott might be talented. But he’s a freshman.

With that being said, the O-line will have to stay fresh.

Running backs and receivers actually go relatively deep. And though the defensive line isn’t supremely talented, there will be a rotation in place. Those areas seem all right in terms of numbers.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Aggies add defensive lineman

The Aggies have added former University of Miami defensive lineman Rhyan Anderson to their football team for the upcoming season. The move was confirmed by NMSU Associate AD Braun Cartwright.

Anderson is a big kid – 6-foot-5, 245. Those measurements are from his Miami bio but others have him listed in the high 200’s.

Anderson was apparently one of the top prospects coming out of high school in Oak Creek, Wisc., and a national Top 100 player. He saw limited action at Miami and graduated in three years. He’s going to attend NMSU as a graduate student but still has two years of eligibility remaining.

Watch out for Fonoti

One player on the Aggie defense this year that could make some major noise is linebacker La’Auli Fonoti.

The coaching staff is high on Fonoti who possesses size and athleticism. Woody Widenhofer has coached some great linebackers in his career and believes Fonoti could be an impact player. His development will be key.

The Aggies will need to cook up an increased pass rush from last year and will ask their outside linebackers to attack the backfield. One of those players will be Fonoti. At 6-foot-5, 250 pounds, he could be a breakout player in 2007.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nelson’s gone

You can’t be surprised by the decision to drop Tyrone Nelson by the NMSU administration.

I don’t think McKinley Boston and Marvin Menzies would have done it if they didn’t feel comfortable with what they have in place. They will lean heavily on Herb Pope as a freshman and have nice depth upfront. Wendell McKines will also see time and they expect him to be a rugged player who could mix it up down low if need be.

Obviously Tyrone is talented and averaged close to a double-double two years ago. You don’t just find players who average 17 and 9 and pick them up off the street. But he became a liability and the staff could not count on him after a period of time. It’s a talented team with a strong freshman class coming in. You can’t have bad examples polluting the roster and sending a message of accountability was a must. And there was no guarantee that Nelson would even return to previous form – his performance slipped last year.

Having him around would have been nice if they knew what they were going to get. But things became too unpredictable with Tyrone. They couldn’t rely on him. Now, they’ll play without him.