Thursday, October 4, 2007

Things not looking good for Holbrook

Spoke with Mumme today.

He made it sound like Chase will not be ready to go. He said it was more of a possibility that Chase wouldn't go than if he did. He said that they have spent a lot of time this week working with individual players - J.J. McDermott, Kyle Nelson and Chris Buckner. In other words, it looks like Cleaver, A.J. and Chase will all likely be out.

We already pretty much knew this anyway but it was just further confirmation of the fact.


Anonymous said...

That is horrible news. I was maintaining the hope that Chase would be ok, but it's not surprising considering the vicious shot he took. But not having Cleaver or A.J. now? We have absolutely zero chance now against Boise.

Chile Duck said...

Thanks for the update. We knew Chase would have to stay healthy in order for the Aggies to have any success. I know injuries is just part of football, but it is a part that one never gets used to.

Any idea what the extent of the injury or how long Holbrook will be out?

Again, thanks for whatever information you can get out of Mumme.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Chase get in the ambulance after the game. I knew we were deep manusha!

JJ will be good but, is to green to play and especially vs. Boise.

RIP Aggies.

Anonymous said...

You must have seen someone else get in the ambulance, it wasn't Chase. He was taken by private vehicle.