Monday, October 15, 2007

Injury update

Mumme spoke today about the team's injury status and when he expects some people back.

Mumme said that Chase will practice on Wednesday and that he could return. The bottom line is that he's week-to-week. I'd put my money on him returning this week. We'll see.

Nwoko and La'Auli are week-to-week too. Mumme said that without them the team could not blitz as much and we limited in their defensive gameplan. It makes sense.

Jamar Cotton is out a bit longer. Mumme said that he was hopeful that Cotton could make it back for Nevada (11/2). He has a lower-right leg injury.

Vince Butler is also hurt. He was shook up against La. Tech and will miss, in Mumme's words, "a few weeks." Butler will be replaced in starting lineup by Davon House.


Anonymous said...

NMSU should really consider an off week around this time next year.

I was pretty happy when I saw, Auburn, Ark PB and Boise.
Honestly, I had no idea we would play so poorly and lose Chase to Ark. PB.
I thought our starters would be drinking lemonade by halftime and be well rested going into Boise.

I hope they learn there lesson and schedule off weeks a little sooner instead of, week 13!

Chile Duck said...

Teddy... what about the receivers.. Clever Harris etc.?

Teddy said...

Coach said same thing....Day to day. A.J. played a little last week. Nick did not at all. But I would expect them back. They are both very important to the team.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us complained about the 13 game schedule and the money game at Auburn before the season started. If dumb guys like me can see a problem, why can't smart people like Boston figure it out? Was the money worth it? Will we end up losing money when the rest of the home games have 10,000 people or less attend. Was it worth the loss of Chase and then the TV game against Boise that made us look so bad? Next year, let's hope that the smart people in charge can figure it out and set up a favorable schedule. Let's support this team and not give up on them!!

Anonymous said...

NMSU can only play 12 games next year, and we play @Nebraska, so I'm guessing we will only play 1 Div-1AA school next season.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can find a Div 1 A school similar situation as us and not play a 1AA at all. It can't hurt us I wouldn't think.