Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tough threw injuries

I have to say, the team was so banged up and fought valiently through injuries that could have crippled any chance they had at winning.

Say whatever you want, but nothing kills a team more than injuries. And I know that all teams should have depth but common, it's really tough without your starters. McDermott was solid. And how about the linebackers? They were strong up and down the board. I've got to say, when I saw all of them were out, I thought the Aggies would give up a lot of rushing yards. Not so.

La Tech ran for just 98 yards and had to fight for them. It's funny, the one guy who killed NMSU the most on the ground was the quarterback Champion who was supposed to have no wheels. He ran for 54 yards, most of them coming late when Tech needed first downs and NMSU needed stops. He hurt them the most!

The team played well with a banged up roster this week but a better team will exploit them. Mumme was hush about the situation. I think Holbrook is week to week. Cotton looks like he could be out for a while. Cleaver and Harris, I don't know what's going on. A.J. is tough, he played hurt and gutted it out. He made a nice play at one point, catching one underneath and turning it into a big gain. He went right after people with the ball too, he does not shy away from contact.

Linebacker Nick Ply and Michael Brewer led the team in stops with 10 each. The backups held there own, for one night at least.


Anonymous said...

I knew going in, with all these injuries. It would be tough to get a win.

These guys played w/ a lot of heart and came up just short. They took a lot heat during the week and we should be very proud of them.

I hope we get some people back this week. I doubt we are going to any bowl but a 6 win season is still possible.

Rest up, get healthy and let's saddle up for Homecoming!

Anonymous said...

It's been 47 years since we went bowling.
All this pre-season bowl talk was fun but, it looks like it will be 48 years before we go bowling.

The injuries need time to heal and we don't have an off week until Thanksgiving.
We can stil finish 6-7 but, team will have to play thru injuries. Easier said than done.

Teddy said...

Injuries are a part of football. People need to step up. It just is hard when the reserves play well for 3/4 of the game and then lose a crusher. Just another kick to the gut.

Anonymous said...

Who is the strength and conditioning coach? When you have players running out of gas in the second half and a lot of injuries usually the conditioning of the players becomes suspect. Maybe Mumme needs to look at this for improvement?