Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is a bowl game still possible?

As crazy as it sounds, NMSU is still in contention.

Really, one of two things needs to happen for the team to reach its goal. The first is to sweep the remaining home games on its schedule. The second - and in my opinion, the more likely of the two - is to win two out of three home games and, assuming they lose in Hawaii, steal one at San Jose on Nov. 10. That would mean that the team would have to beat Utah State at home on the second-to-last week of the season and then split between Nevada and Fresno St.

Both those teams are good. Nevada looks re-energized by its freshman quarterback Colin Kaepernich and Fresno is riding a strong rushing attack. Both of those programs are ahead of NMSU right now. But it is possible. Knocking off San Jose in northern California will not be easy either, but if the team goes there with something to play for, which it will any way you slice it, anything is possible.

The frustrating thing is that the team should be at 5-3. They should have beaten La. Tech and found a way to fumble it. Two wins down the stretch would have been much easier than three, against healthy competition no less.

The team deserves credit for battling through the problems its experienced. Injuries have been an issue and a lot of teams would have folded after the 58-0 loss. They have kept it together.


Anonymous said...

The LaTech loss might come back to bite us in the rear end! Can't change it now.

I think we can run the table at home and maybe, steal the SJSU game.
There is very little room for error from here.


Anonymous said...

Well, we only need 3 more wins to become bowl eligible. We'll beat Utah State and I think we can beat Nevada, since USU played them close, and we have to beat SJSU on the road. We don't have a shot at Hawaii and we don't have a shot with Fresno, even if it is a home game. They're looking like the old Fresno team that we're used to. At the end of the season, if we're bowl eligible along with Nevada, I believe we'll get the nod for the New Mexico Bowl over them because a)we'll be able to bring in the crowd and it is very important for the bowl to average 25,000 over a 3 year period and b)we haven't been to a bowl in 47 years.

Hopefully, we'll be in that dilemma at the end of the season.

The Buss said...

IF the Aggies can get bowl eligible, I think the New Mexico Bowl would be all over them (agreeing with the previous poster), because UNM can't play in it this year. Not that it's prestigious, but a bowl is a bowl.