Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Game prediction

Alright folks, lets get some predictions going.

First off, I'm making this prediction assuming that A.J. Harris plays the majority of snaps, which I think he does.

Aggies win 42-20. Finally a breakout game for the offense. Honestly, has the offense really had a breakout performance in anyone's mind? Sure they've scored over 30, but that's not a ton for this team. 42 is well within reach, and I think they get it against the Vandals.

Offensive numbers. Chase puts up big stats, well over 400 yards with four TDs. The big three (Williams, Harris and Dubois) are all involved. Williams goes for 150 yards and two scores. That's a modest yardage total, he could easily top it but we're playing it close to the vest. A.J. has over 100 with a score too. Dubois gets in the endzone as well.

The ground game comes back to life. Justine Buries and Tonny Glynn each score TDs in the rout. They will also combine for well over 100 yards on the ground/air. Why does NMSU count handoffs as passes? I know, people say they're shovel passes, but they look like handoffs to me. It's funny.

Idaho will get some numbers too, strictly in garbage time though. They'll run well and get some yardage there, but will not be able to keep up. There QB position is a mess. Brian Nooy has looked subpar with their original starter, Enderle, out with a hurt hand. If Nooy breaks out against the Aggies, NMSU's secondary is in even deeper trouble than originally anticipated.

I just think the Aggie offense, assuming most are there, is in for a big day, take some frustration out on Idaho. Holbrook is back and I expect a big game, even with some rust present. The team will breakout at home.

Lets get some predictions up and running. Scores, numbers, whatever. Lets get some chatter.


Anonymous said...

A win yes . . . but it will probably come from NMSU's passing game, an improved kicking game, and a few critical defensive stops. I don't put much hope in the running game. Although Glynn can be dangerous in open space, he runs scared and timid in traffic. Have you ever seen this kid break a tackle? And, Buries is slow of foot and lacks good vision that a RB needs. The performance of the Glynn-Buries combination in the last two outings proves my point: against Boise State both RB's netted negative yards rushing and against LA Tech, Glynn rushed for 0 yards on 6 carries and buries rushed for 62 yards on 23 carries. The running game is running backwards!

SM said...

Idaho 24

I think we will see a break-out performance on offense. Our talent on offense does not worry me as much as the fact that we need to regain that mental edge and play with some confidence. I can only imagine how difficult it is to reverse a season that is going poorly after such lofty expectations at the beginning of the year.

I think this is the perfect time to have a game where we just beat up on somebody. NMSU needs to pummel Idaho the way they should have pummeled Ark PB and SLA. That might reverse our fortunes. I hope the game is a lot more lopsided than my prediction.

Anonymous said...

I hope Teddy's prediction comes true but, I'm still hungover on how we played Ark PB.
We were supposed to spank them and beat them at the last second!

I really hope the offense starts clicking but, Idaho gave USC and Fresno St. a fight and will give us fits.
Plus they've owned us the past few years. They are close to beating someone.

The Aggie offense is not living up to the hype and defense is pretty banged up.
24-20 NMSU


Teddy said...

It's funny, when I was making my prediction for this week, I thought of the Pine Bluff game and how it blew up in NMSU's face. But I believe that game was arrogance and that the team has learned from its mistakes. But I'm not going to say it did not cross my mind.

Wesley said...

I think NMSU will win relatively easily, say 35-24. But then again, Idaho isn't that great. Just like Teddy's fantasy team. Do I hear 0-7?

Teddy said...

Fantasy team struggling. Should have beaten Groves last week. I might pick up Don Beebe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well, the "Teddy" prediction has to be based on a good performance by the offensive line which means not allowing Chase to be hit hard or hit at all. Rib injuries are notoriously hard to heal, and the O-line needs to keep Chase in the game. If they are successful, I think Teddy's prediction is good. If they are unsuccessful, then I say it is a close game, and as they have in the past, Idaho will win a close one.

Anonymous said...

Do we still have a football team? I guess I forgot.