Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is a negative fan no fan at all?

This debate has come up following a blogger (SM) who had negative things to say about NMSU and then got piled on.

First off, I'd like to thank SM for at least posting his identity on the blog. So many anonymous posts, you don't know where the bullets are coming from and anyone can leapfrog at any point. And having differing opinions are what make this thing work, so I'm all for diversity and different trains of thought. Now, on to the topic at hand....

Just because you have negative things to say about your team does not make you a poor fan, not at all.

If your team is playing poorly - for a prolonged period of time I might add - and you stay super positive, then you're nothing but a cheeseball. I'm from NY. All people in the northeast do is look at their teams critically, and they have the most loyal fan basis in the country.

Now the weak fans are the one's who stop pulling for their clubs or stop following them when thing go poorly. You should always root for them, never not care about the outcome of a game. And I can't stand it when fans start showing up when things are good and proclaim they've been with the team since Day 1. I'm sure their are some basketball fans like that in Las Cruces, is there not?

It seems like SM has been an Aggie fan for some time. He's tired of the losing and, lets face it, the team has some frustrating flaws.

It's an interesting debate. I guess all I'm trying to say is that loyalty can be shown in many forms. In my eyes, people posting on this board when the team is struggling and still showing interest in the progress of the program, whether the comments are cheery or negative, shows a certain level of commitment any way you slice it. Just don't turn your back on the situation.


Abran said...

I agree that many fans are of the "fairweather" variety. I am critical of the negative fans though. SM may be a long time aggie fan, but the amount of nagativity expressed towards Hal Mumme has me scratching my head. Nostalgia can be dangerous, and wanting the good ol' days of Tony Samuels and his "winning" tradition makes me ill. Too many people look for the easy way out and want to dump a head coach at the first opportunity. We need to give Hal Mumme at least 3 full seasons, and at least one full recruiting class (this is Mumme's first full class due to APR violations from Samuels day) before we throw him overboard. We are not a big name football school, we haven't been in 47 years. If a head coach can pull off two winning seasons in his term here it would be a big deal. A new head coach isn't going to show immediate returns, especially if he has a different coaching philosophy. Give Hal Mumme a chance folks, the alternative is 2 more years of losing seasons, before we are talking of firing the next head coach. What are program needs is some stability, then we can raise the expectations.

Anonymous said...

A loyal Aggie football fan is a member of the Aggie football family. Family members have the right, equally, to encourage as well as criticize constructively the AD, coaches and players. NMSU football needs tough love from their fans!

Anonymous said...

Real fans stick with their team thru thick and thin.
NMSU fans are the most loyal in the country.
- 47 year bowl drought
- Nations longest losing streaks (Multible) in the nation
- No conference championships since 1976

Yet, the FB program is still aound because the support is just enough to keep it alive after all these years, right?
Everyone is tired of losing and wants to see WINS.

If we lose, it's ok to jump off the bandwagon on Sunday and Monday.
Just jump back on by gameday!


Anonymous said...

constructive criticism is different than calling people out by name. SM didn't do tht, but others have. Give the coaching staff a chance to get 4 recruiting classes in place before the 2 year window fall into play. THe first year of Mumme was a short planned recruiting class because of the timing of the hiring. So we really have 2 classes so far to judge Mumme on. I think the program is better than it was 3 years ago, just not where many of us want it to be over the next 3 years or so. Raise the expectations, but be realistic.
Go Aggies,

SM said...

I have to say up front that my criticism of the Aggies in no way is a reflection of how big of a fan I am. While my criticism may be harsh, I am no less of an Aggie fan than any other person on this blog. As I read my post, I can see where the impression that I am not a true fan would come from. I can also appreciate Abran scratching his head at my posts.

I think I speak for many Aggie fans when I express my disappointment in this year's team. I am a lawyer in Houston, and I came down for the Aggie-Miner game. Growing up in El Paso, I was elated that we pulled off the win, but I could not help to think to myself, "how would that game have gone if CW was not in the lineup."

Before the season, I was up in arms that CW was not rated as a top-20 receiver in the Nation, according to Athlon Sports (it could have been Lindsy's...who cares). It is extremely bias, if not comical, how some of the sports writers would not have him as a top-20 receiver. CW gets no respect, and I feel like this is mostly, if not entirely, due to the fact that he goes to NMSU.

All I can say to people is that I am on your side. Disagree with me all you like, that is the point of these blogs, but Teddy is dead on with the notion that the very act of posting comments on an Aggie blog reflects our commitment to Aggie athletics.

The Boise game has stirred a lot of frustration, but it is our inability to beat up on inferior teams that gets me. I don't think we need to go firing Mumme after this year is over, but I think we as fans are entitled to criticize a team that was hailed as a bowl contender, not only by the LC Sun News, but several commentators were picking the Aggies as a sleeper in the WAC. Now, a successful season for the Aggies will be winning 2 conference games. If we are going to accept that as progress, then we might as well cash in our chips right now.

OK, now for the uber-American talk. This may sound a bit cliche, but I believe as fans, not only do we have the right to criticize our team, but it is our duty. We invest in this product, and we demand some sort of return. I'm not talking financial investment, I'm talking our emotional investment as fans and alumni. The last three years, we have invested emotionally in a team that has put together 3 wins against D-1 teams. Yet, none of us have jumped ship on our investment, we still continue to support the Aggies. Is it not fair to say that we have a right to criticize after our stock plummets?

Vic and I post on the UTEP blog defending the Aggies all day. If nothing else, he could vouch for my loyalty. I feel like I am getting burned at the stake!

Anonymous said...

People need to look at Kentucky. They had a losing record in each of the first 3 seasons under Rich Brooks. Then, in the fourth, look what he did! Got them a winning record and a bowl win and now they are one of the top teams in the country! Now, I'm not saying that will happen to us, but rather than everyone calling for Mumme's head, we need to see how things play out next year.

Teddy said...

"As fans it is our duty to criticize." I agree SM. Best of luck in Houston.

Anonymous said...

SM is good guy and got torched by the Aggie faithfull.
However, he and I do get on the Utep blogs and defend our school as much as possible and we get torched pretty good from time to time.

At least we have the VB team and other NMSU functions to help forget about Boise.

Give the kid a break. He's in Houston and doesn't have other ways of getting his Aggie fix.
He stew's a bit longer than us on certain loses but, again, he's a gamer when the Aggies take the field!

Let's win Homecoming!


Lowercase Ray said...

I have read the posts by SM, and have found no reason for him to have gotten critized as he was. He has expressed his opinion as to how he feels bad for CW and backed his opinion with a reasoning behind it. Those who challenge his reasoning by using other reasoning, I applaud that. Those who would have everyone tote the line and cheer on the team because they are a fan, I take issue with you! There is nothing that says only lovers of their team and those who would only praise are welcomed here; or did I miss the qualifier at the beginning of the blog? If you are fine with your team winning 3 games in a season, then good for you. I rather stand up and say that all is not great, when things aren't. At least he uses his call letters, why do those who want to throw stones use anonymous, so no one can critize your post? Well you've got my call sign if you want to throw stones!

SM said...

Lowercase, good to see you on this Blog. I completely agree with your analysis of the issue.

The Buss said...

I know how SM feels, I'm an NMSU alumni, I follow Aggie football, basketball, and baseball, and I am also very critical. I can't just sit back and go "oh well, we haven't been to a bowl in nearly 50 years, but we're still great." Our football team sucks, and yes, I still go and support them, but nothing is being done to improve them.

It's a lot easier to be an Aggie basketball fan right now, but I (probably along with SM and a lot of the other readers here) been going to the basketball games for a long time, and was quite critical of them when they were winning 6 games in a season. Just because we don't provide undying positive support doesn't make us bad fans, everyone wants their team to be good, and if they're not, you complain, that's how it works. If Mumme can't win, he needs to get out, I have no loyalty to him, my loyalty lies with NMSU. So SM, keep it up, let's hold them accountable for embarassing us all, especially that Boise game.