Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Holbrook will not start this weekend

Mumme said so today. McDermott is getting the nod in his place.

This is horrible news to an already grim week in Aggie football. Not good.

On a side not, a poster put up Pat Forde column that rated NMSU as the biggest disappointment in the WAC. Here it is for those interested. It's not much, he just says they're bad and moves on



Anonymous said...

Any word on how long he could be out?
This seems like a better place for JJ to get in a game, considering LaTech's record, however the Aggies are 0-2 in Ruston. Hopefully it won't be a season ending injury like the poor kid from Nevada.


Anonymous said...

I really think that shot the Boise State play laid on Chase was a cheap shot, and I have a feeling that their coach wanted Chase taken out of the game. That guy didn't have to hit him, and he still did, and the sad part was that the refs didn't call a late hit on it.

Teddy said...

No word on how long he is out. It doesn't look good though. Mumme was in a grim mood and he just came out and said it. It looks like he's hurtin' bad.

Anonymous said...

Losing to 1-4 LaTech is realistic.

We torched them pretty good last year and it took Hawaii 2OT to beat them this year. They will be up for us.

I had plenty of menudo and got rid of my Boise hangover today.
Maybe I should order menudo for late Saturday, early Sunday? I think we will need it.

Cheap shot? Can't say but, it's no secret that As Chase goes, we go.
I do know that Peterson ran up the score and one day he will get his!!!
Unfortunately, we won't do it on the FB field.
Our BB team will have to beat Boise to a pulp, again.

Any one know a good Real Estate agent for Mumme?

Anonymous said...

I'm out of town and can't get to a lot of Aggie stuff.

Can anyone please tell me what Mumme said on his radio show?

I'm really worried about this weekend.

Teddy said...

Without Holbrook, losing to La Tech is completely realistic. La Tech has a good D believe it or not. They can't pass, but against NMSU I think they can. And their running game is more than solid. Patrick Jackson is a capable runner.
If they put up 20 on the Aggies, I think they got the game. Whatever, I said NMSU would beat Boise and look what happened.

Anonymous said...

Give Mumme credit for the fake punt on 4th down that went for 19 yards--the longest play against Boise State after Chase left the game. Well-executed plays like that may give us a chance to get into the end zone against Louisana Tech.

Teddy said...

That was a crazy play! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I honestly couldn't stop laughing after that. What a comedy of errors.