Monday, December 1, 2008

Utah State

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the Aggies season finale at Utah State, but I was.

The team lost 47-2. I would almost them rather not have gotten the safety because that score is so ridiculous. I mean, it just looks like they packed it in. It's for reasons like this that coaches lose their jobs. I cannot believe NMSU lost at both Idaho and Utah State this year. For a team that was playing for their coach's future, that final score is all you need to know.

Mumme's postgame rant on the radio about nobody being on campus throughout the Thanksgiving week and his players hearing about all this stuff regarding his future as being distracting was just as bad. Where is the accountability? I would rather have a coach come out and say that the team was terrible and put the blame on his shoulders. There was none of that. Just excuses. He's not that kind of guy, I get it, but it doesn't look good when you get beat 47-2, immediately go on the radio, and don't shoulder responsibility. You gotta do that as the leader of the football team.

I don't think the situation at NMSU has been handled well this season. Everyone knew that Mumme was a lame duck coach and it played out for the second half of the season all the way until now. It was truly a soap opera surrounding the NMSU football team this year during conference play. I do feel for the players. They have absolutely no control over the Mumme situation but the team was effected by the events. How could they not be? Again, they lost to Utah State 47-2. Talk about a depressing way to go out.

So, where does the program go from here. I really believe Hal will be gone, but the events have dragged out for so long, I'm beginning to be skeptical. I think an announcement will be made sometime this week, as early as Monday. They will search for a new coach and eventually hire one. Will the change be better off? I do think it's time for Mumme to go, but a new coach won't miraculously turn the team around overnight. There is still a lot of building to be done.

Mumme was very loose, very laid back coach. I think the best fit will be someone who is tough, someone who will lay down ground rules and hold people accountable. The team has been soft in recent years, from the pass-happy offense to the flimsy defense. Toughness needs to be instilled. It's still hard to rap your arms around with NMSU under Mumme. They almost beat Louisiana Tech in LC, then they go out and lose to Utah State. Again, they lost 47-2. It's inconsistency like that that will drive you mad.


Aggie007 said...

I wonder what the chances of NMSU landing Sylvester Croom or Tyrone Willingham are? Either of them would be great. If Mumme is kept on board for next season, I can honestly say, despite being a huge Aggie fan, I will not attend any games next season.

Anonymous said...

70% of all NCAA FB players are African American and that's what NMSU needs: a young African American coach!!

Tony Samuel did well and was a very popular coach both, off and on the field.
The problem is that NMSU promised him a lot did not deliver on any of it's promises.
However, he could relate to his players and got the most out of limited talent.

UCLA's DeWayne Walker, Lousville's Ron English, Florida's Charlie Strong and Ron Prince all come to mind and should be interviewed amongst others!!

C'mon Dr. Boston, NMSU FB needs a serious shot of brown sugar to bring life into a dying program, school and community!


Anonymous said...

Hey,I quit going to the games two years ago when Mumme was just getting his loosing streak started. NMSU has got to can this guy. He's a looser and will always be a looser! I feel for the kids that had to play for this jerk!!