Saturday, December 27, 2008

Supporting Walker, or any other coach for that matter

It's been a mixed bag for DeWayne Walker, who is believed to be the next coach of the Aggie football team, if all things work out the next couple of days.

I would say that the skepticism over the move compared to the support for Walker is about 60/40, at least it seems that way on the blog.

All I know is that this is a huge hire for NMSU. The football program has been down for so long and many in the fan base do not think that it will ever turn around.

The job is a big challenge. And I feel like the first year will be a major transitional season, no matter who's patrolling the sidelines in 2009. The team wasn't that great to begin with, and many of the good players - Chris Williams, AJ Harris, Chase Holbrook - are gone. The team will have to rebuild a bit, and they would whether a new coach came on board or if it was still Hal Mumme.

But I believe that Walker is a good coach. And if he gets the job, I think he is as good as anyone NMSU could have picked up this offseason.

Whoever it may be - and again, all signs point to Walker at this point - just give him a chance. We know it's going to be tough. But its about inspiring athletes to play solid football and bringing in the talent that can compete with the WAC. It's a new era for NMSU football. Some fans will be skeptical no matter what. But lets try to put a positive spin on this situation. At least for now, you have to have hope.


IC said...

I for one will support either Coach. We need to give him time to build up his program and show us what he can do. Neither one can do any worse than what Dumme did his first year here. If it is Walker, that should make the SDSU game a little more interesting.

We do lose some talented skill players, but we still have some talent. Hopefully LaVorick Williams stays and we can start recruiting some athletes. We lost 15-20 seniors so they need to hit the recruiting trails hard. Maybe Walker's ties to Cali can help plug some holes.

How many openings are there on the coaching staff? What is the contract situation with the others remaining? I think that is the main story line once a HC is named. When can he bring in his guys?

I had said a while back during the season that I would renew and upgrade my Season Tickets for a new coach but not under Dumme. Well the time has come and I will do that as well as my AAF donations. It's not much but it's my end of the deal.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. After watching Hal Mumme's 'Air Raid' for the last four seasons, I can't understand why people are so skeptical. Fans should be excited that the University may be in position to hire a coach that could turn around our misfortunes. This was not going to happen under Mumme.

Dewayne Walker, if hired, will bring a fire and intensity that our previous regime lacked. Walker understands that he may not get another head coaching chance. That will spur a determination and desire to succeed when so many doubt his ability.

Aggie fans should be very excited about this hire. Even under Mumme, this program could have won 5 or 6 games in each of the last three seasons. NMSU may never be on the level of Boise State, but they have the potential to win 5 or 6 games a year, occassionally reaching 7-5 or 8-4 and making a bowl game. Wouldn't that make fans happy?

I will support whomever is hired and hope that our programs is headed in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Teddy.
People got there wish by axing Mumme.
Now it's time to support the new coach and especially, the FB team!

The offense was a soft, finesse team with little to no toughness under Dumme.
JL Dunn was shorthand but, got the most of his players.

If Walker can fire up the troops and get every ounce energy from them, he will do well.

So when can I re-new my season tickets!!

Anonymous said...

I love it Teddy being POSITIVE, it truly must be a new year! made your resolutions early Ted? let's see how long your optimisim last before you start blasting him. I hope your sincere but I doubt it, anyway just my opinion.

Aggie Pride...."its the pride baby"

Anonymous said...

The skepticism you detect is driven by two factors: (1) the NMSU football tradition of ineptness, and (2) local fans unrealistic expectation of Mumme's successor. I saw many names on your post (many posted by people other than you), such as the Bowdens, Tommy Tuberville, or Tyrone Willingham, that suggest many people don't have a realistic understanding of the limitations Dr. Boston/NMSU deal with. So when NMSU names DeWayne Walker as it's next HC, and not a more common, household name such as a Tuberville or Bowden, people automatically discount the guy as another loser. We all need to understand a recently fired/dismissed/resigned HC at a BCS conference school is not immediately looking for his next gig at a place like NMSU.

But I agree wholeheartedly with your post. There will be growing pains with our next HC, but LC and NMSU students/alum should get behind and fully support our next HC. Go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare

Patrick said...

If NMSU is ever going to build a legitimate football program, the first step towards that goal is money. At the current level, this program is destined to fail. If they are truly going to make the commitment to win, then pay this guy accordingly and increase the recruiting budget.

The University has already made great strides in upgrading the facilities, but there must be a higher monetary commitment to this program. They should start by lowering ticket prices for the upcoming year. Believe it or not, lower prices will lead to a big increase in attendance, which will help with exposure and generate interest. Go back to the two big money games a year approach, and stop playing IAA schools.

Teddy said...


If NMSU lowered ticket prices any more, they'd be paying you to go to the game. The school already sells football tickets for next to nothing.

Patrick said...

If thats the case, win or lose, I'll be at every game. Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

On paper Walker looks like a nice hire but I personally liked Schultz better for the fact that he has a deeper experience base in the college ranks, more stable as he could have gone with Fran to Bama & Texas A&M but elected to stay at TCU for 11 years, and geograpchially has a longer track record in the NM-Texas areas which is where if NMSU is to be successful they need to get about 75-80% of their kids from these areas. I played at NMSU and the Calif-FL-Ohio-NJ-Penn kids had a VERY Difficult time adjusting to Las Cruces due to a myriad of reasons whereas the Texas & AZ kids seem to have a better fit to NMSU and the community. Additionally if you look at Walker's experience it has been with NFL teams in the NE part of the USA and his college coaching experience has been primarily on the West Coast coast. For my two cents having NFL connections that many on the chats boast about are far less important than having a guy who has spend his entire career coaching within 200-500 miles of Las Cruces.
Additionally it is key for the new coach to build & support for a strong walk-on progam for the kids in NM, AZ, & West Texas. This might go a long way in having townspeople in NM more interested in following the program if they know that a kid from their hometown is involved in the program. Heck maybe the new coach should do what Jackie Sherrill did at A&M and let a walkon student run down on the kick covergage team at home games to get the students engaged !. Just some thoughts for a positive step forward for the program !!