Monday, December 8, 2008

Will a good coach leave?

Something that's very tough to swallow is that a good coach that has any type of success at NMSU would probably leave in a matter of years anyway.

Someone mentioned this about DeWayne Walker - how if he were to be hired, he would probably leave after a couple solid seasons for greener pastures.

I'm not trying to single Walker out and say this to be true or not, it's just a fact of life in the world of sports. If Mumme took NMSU to a bowl game or two, I'm sure he would have entertained some offers.

The reality is that if NMSU hires an up-and-comer in the business, more likely than not, the Aggies are a stepping-stone program for them.

This is one of the hurdles, I'm sure, of hiring at a school like NMSU, i.e. a mid-major program, searching for an identity on the football field. If a coach is successful, chances are high he or she will leave. If a coach doesn't get wins, like Mumme, you're forced to get rid of them.

I don't want to put the cart before the horse on this one. Forget a good coach leaving, the Aggies need to find a good coach for one, and then two, have that good coach turn the team into a winner. But it would really be terrific if they could find that good coach and have him not only be a good coach here, but stay here to. Maybe it will happen. It just seems unlikely.


Anonymous said...

I've always said, that as long as coach leaves a program in better shape than when he arrived, he has every right to greener pastures.

I think most people in Las Cruces expect to go to a bowl game and let the coach move on.
Who cares if it's only 2-3 years, end the bowl drought and let him make his money somewhere else. I got no beef with that!

IC said...

Of course a good coach will leave, that is the nature of the business. At any school on any level, money talks. But does that mean we shouldn't aspire to land the best possible person?

Why else would a June Jones leave Hawaii for SMU? It's what these guys do. He built a solid program, and left for a bad one.

Aggie007 said...

As a long-time Aggie, I am not worried about this. Dr. Boston once said before the hiring of Reggie Theus if he was worried that Reggie would leave in a few years, and he said emphatically "No." He said, "I am not worried about a coach leaving because it means he did a good job and the program would be better off than where it was before he got here." It's not just about building a program with one coach, but building a continuity of success where one good coach can leave and another can step in and keep building, much like Boise State. Like Mike Singletary says, "I want winners!!!!"
By the way, I'm still bummed about Ken Norton Jr.

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a good topic because most coaches do do this. They get hired at a program that is not very good, turn it around and then get hired somewhere better. I'm not a big fan of this but its how the game is played. Reggie was here for two years and based on that he got a deal with the Kings. He's not doing a very good job and I think he was suited more for a college career. Billy Gillespie hopped around UTEP and A&M before landing at Kentucky and again not so good so far. I think what this program needs is a coach that can be identified with the program. Yes we do need to go to a bowl and win more games, but I would rather have a coach who will be here and not bolt at the first available opportunity.


Patrick said...

Let me get this straight. If another business offered you more money and a better opportunity for success in the line of work you are currently in, you would turn it down? Of course you wouldn't, at least not right away. You would consider it. Coaching is just another proffession that someone chooses to be in. There is always a better opportunity somewhere. There is no ultimate loyalty, other than trying to place yourself and your family in the best possible situation. How can you blame someone for doing that?

Anonymous said...

U-Dub fans are warning of doom and disaster if Ty Willingham is hired as the coach here. Is he even a name that's been mentioned or considered?

Anonymous said...

Hiring a good coach isn't going to save NMSU football by itself-this program is like a chronic drug addict or alcoholic-until it comes out of its state of denial and realize that the PROGRAM needs to get "clean and sober"-and take a good hard look at itself as to why there has been four decades of failure. If that dosen't happen,then coaches will just continue to come and go-and they will all leave frustrated with trying to rehab a chronic and habitual "loser-holic" football program-one person can only do so much against a system that is SO STUBBORN to change itself-Az Azggie

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding me!! Of course you hire the coach irregardless if he leaves for greener pastures. What is NMSU to do??? "We should keep a loser like Mumme because he won't leave... But NMSU football will be the laughing stock of Div 1 football" That logic is morbid & shouldn't even be considered when hiring a coach. Would the New England Patriots say "We don't want to win the Super Bowl because then other team will want to hire our coordinators." Please. Some thoughts should not be shared with others.