Thursday, December 4, 2008

Does having a coordinator hurt a new coach?

My question is simple: Does having a defensive coordinator in place, in this case being Joe Lee Dunn, effect the hiring process in trying to bring in a new coach?

I suppose a new coach could just get rid of an assistant or two and bring in his own guy if he didn't want them there. But at the same time, Dunn is under contract and the NMSU brass would rather have him here than pay him for doing virtually nothing.

Dunn is going to be on the road this weekend recruiting so he is going about the situation business as usual. I think most coaches want their own staff in place and don't want to inherit anybody. Particularly if that coach is a Norton Jr. or a Walker, i.e. defensive guys who want to carve their own path. They would be more likely to bring in their own defensive coordinator than rely on Dunn.

Dunn did a good job last season without much help. Him and his staff coming on board was one of the few bright spots for the team. When NMSU brought him in last year I thought of this dilemma. ‘This guys is coming here because of Mumme. What if Mumme loses his job next year. That would suck for Dunn.’ Well, we're here. Joe Lee is in place for now. We'll see next month if he's still around or out.

As for Earnest Wilson, I think his standing is a bit more secure. For one, he was the recruiting coordinator and understands the kids in the program as well as the fabric of the community. He was also on the offensive side and I would think an offensive coach, in this case, would be easier to hold onto than a defensive one. McKinley Boston indicated that he wanted to keep some sort of continuity on offense, at least systematically speaking. Wilson is familiar with what the Aggies were doing. And, he was a good coach and a good man.

Lets hope it works out for both of these coaches, whatever might happen. They deserve it.


Anonymous said...

No,but having a pompous and arrogant self-serving AD like Mr. Boston can!! This program needs some name recognition and a proven winner-Ken Norton Jr would be a great hire!!-even for a former Dallas Cowboy-nobody' perfect..

IC said...

I think it can, but when does his contract expire? I thought his was set to expire mith Dumme's, if so he only has another year. Might make for a smooth transition. However I agree with you in that if a Defensive coach is hired he will more than likely awant his own guys. Plus someone like Norton might be able to bring on some of the lower end coaches on the SC staff. Which wouldnt be a bad thing. I love the idea that Norton interviewed, I think if there is a remote chance at getting him we need to do anything possible to pull it off. That would be a huge coup.

Not that I care, but do you have any names that have interviewed for the other opening up north?

Anonymous said...

Ideally all new coaches bring in an entire new staff. Why keep any of the old staff around unless they have done an exceptional job. I dont believe the NMSU Recruiting coordinator has done much of a job and new fresh blood needs to come in. Rarely do new coaches retain anyone and NMSU should not either. I do know some have already found new jobs - good for them, they need to get out of Mummes shadow for their own future employment.

Anonymous said...

One thing keeping Dunn does is give the next coach a built in excuse if they lose. If he has to keep that coach as DC or at any capacity, the new coach could say that he wasn't allowed to build is own staff. Why Boston gave Dunn a two year contract is beyond me, has anyone asked? Most assistant coaches are on a year to year basis. Unless Dunn is basically going to be the next HC, which would be a bad move. Either way to answer your question I do think it hurts the next coach be be forced to keep a coach from the old staff, espeically from a Mumme staff.