Monday, December 22, 2008

Hoops at UNM

The Aggie men's basketball team needs to win away from Las Cruces.

Enough of this talk about a young team looking to get better night in and night out. Those facts may be true, very easily so. Regardless, playing well away from your building is important. That's the next step for this team. I will continue to say that the team has been a pleasant surprise. I would give the NMSU hoops team a B grade at this point in the year. They need to keep going in the right direction. A solid road effort at UNM will play to that point.


Anonymous said...

I give them a grade A for talking trash and stomping on center court logos.

For basketball, they grade out at C...equal number of wins and losses gets you that.

Maybe if the Aggies would spend more time playing ball than trying to be tough, they might do better.

IC said...

I agree with anon. They have to get a C until they show me more than "attitude" on away games. I still contend that they should have at least two road wins.

Obviously two of them werent great games but utep embarrased them, and that was in a half empty DHC. Last I heard the game at UNM tickets were going fast. I bought mine last week and got stuck in the last row(row 1) of the lower level. It will be hostile tonight and we need Menzies to show up and coach the team to a victory! We cant afford to lose to our two biggest rivals back to back. Regardless of where the games are played.

Anonymous said...

After the butt kicking tonight at UNM, lower that grade to a D. I also agree about playing more ball and less trash talk and stomping. I really miss Theus, heck, I miss Neil McCarthy. I could care less about the scandal. McCarthy was a damn good coach that should have never been let go. Gar Forman was the one that caused the problems, not McCarthy. Guess it's pointless living in the past.