Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NMSU football opening

I spoke with McKinley Boston tonight.

He said that the neither Terry nor Tommy Bowden are candidates to fill the coaching vacancy at NMSU. Both names caused quite a stir and Terry's “no comment” remarks to questions further fueled speculation that he might be interested in the job. Not so, said Boston.

Mike Schultz will be interviewed for the head job. He is currently the offensive coordinator at Texas Christian. Here's the link to Felix's story....


Schultz coaches for a great program in TCU. I still like DeWayne Walker too. Walker still seems to be in the running. He didn't get the nod at San Diego State. I tried calling Walker today at UCLA and the secretary said that he “wasn't in.” In any event, it would be nice getting some comment on him regarding the job.

I still think the Aggies should go with a defensive mind. They're going to lose a lot of offensive players anyway with the departure of Mumme and will have to start from scratch in a lot of respects with a new coach coming in. I'm excited to see who it is but I also know that taking over the NMSU football program is no easy task. It will present its challenges for whoever comes in. They'll have to be the right man for the job.


Anonymous said...

I never did think the Bowdens were a fit at NMSU. The schools is too small and they like coaching/ recruiting in the South. NMSU want's kids from TX thru California and all states in between.

One of the FB commitee members mentioned they were interviewing 12candidates this week.
Any word on the finalist and who applied?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Boston seemed a bit concerned about the names of possible applicants for the job, worried about confidentiality. I wonder is he really worried about that or is he worried that now the fans have an idea who might be up for the job and should he fail miserably on this hire, which I am predicting, he might actually be asked...why not this guy? I want to say a BIG THANK YOU and BRAVO to TF and FC for the way you have covered this, I have been critical of the sn before and even recently but in this case you should be commended for not worrying about what Boston has to say, same guy that told us four years ago how he wanted the Athletic Department to be more "transparent"....do me a favor, next time you interview the guy could you ask him if he remembers talking about that?

aka azaggieone

Anonymous said...

Az Aggie,
Transparency of an athletic program and confidentiality of hiring a new HC are two different, unrelated concepts. I would imagine most applicants for a position prefer confidentiality, and ADs must respect that. The hiring process can't be transparent or you will have trouble recruiting good candidates.

Sure hope you're wrong about MB failing "miserably" with this pick, but acknowledge the odds are probably stacked against whoever gets the nod. That has been the history of NMSU football.
-Aggie Glare