Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wilson, Norton

Kirby Wilson was a finalist for the job when Mumme got hired in the first place. People can criticize NFL retreads but I think a coach can coach. Lets not compare the Widenhofer situation to this one, Woody was playing with half a deck when he was the D-coordinator at NMSU.

As for Ken Norton Jr., I called the USC football offices today and left a message on his voicemail. If Ken Norton Jr. is hired as the next coach of the Aggies, it would be awesome. I just think of him using the goal post as a punching bag after he scored a TD.

Either way, I think both of these coaches will be seriously considered. Which I find exciting.


Aggie007 said...

Ken Norton Jr. would be an incredible hire. That would be a home run for Dr. Boston after striking out with Mumme. Apparently, with Dr. Boston being a good associate of the USC AD, I'm sure he had already begun considering Norton Jr. as a potential coach. He wouldn't come in demanding big dollars, but would have a very high amount of motivation. The name-recognition alone would bring in talented recruits. Imagine what our linebacker unit would look like in 3 years! Here's to hoping the Ken Norton Jr. rumors have substance!
It seems he is the opposite of Hal Mumme: personable, would be great in the community, good connections in the coaching world from his days in the NFL and at USC (Pete Carrol) ...

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Please, whoever it is, let it be an up and comer. Not another retread. Someone young. Someone who can recruit. Someone the kids can relate to.

Ken Norton Jr. sounds as good as any...

Anonymous said...

Mumme was a social hermit when it came to the community and student body.
Ken Norton has been in the lime light and is used to getting all the attention from fans, on and off the field.

So is the interest a mutual one or just one sided?


Aggie007 said...

I am very excited about the possibility of Ken Norton Jr. as a possible future head coach of NMSU. Like Vic said; he is the opposite of Mumme. He's got very good coaching experience. He would be in the community! He would be great for the student-athletes and recruits. He's got great ties to the football world in the NFL and in college with Pete Carroll probably his top reference. He's a big name, but there's a reason for that!
However, how about we tone it down with the Ken Norton Jr. excitement. Dr. Boston is the kind of AD who wants to make this hire HIS hire ... he said he doesn't want to be an AD who angles toward pleasing NMSU fans ... so if a bunch of excitement is created over Ken Norton Jr., Dr. Boston will pass on him in spite of NMSU Aggie fans' excitement. Know-what-I-mean?

Go Aggies!

Teddy said...

Boston is going to hire who he feels is the best fit for the program and the community. If fans are excited about Norton, I don't think that will sway him one way or the other. He's looking to get, in his mind, the best candidate out there. If it's Norton, then he will get the job.