Thursday, December 4, 2008

Norton Jr., Walker, Ted Gilmore

A source close to the NMSU football program told Felix that Ken Norton Jr. and DeWayne Walker have interviewed for the head coaching position at NMSU.

The source also said that Nebraska receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Ted Gilmore was in the mix for the position as well. Kirby Wilson is still out there also.

I can't help but get excited about Norton's name. First off, he's not a retread and he also brings a certain "star" quality to the table that would create a buzz.

Walker seems like a very solid candidate. He was in the mix for the UCLA job last year.

Interesting enough, both guys are defensive coaches. McKinley Boston indicated that he would prefer an offensive mind to lead the team. For me, I already said that I could care less who's in charge. Just make sure he's a good coach that can inspire and get things moving forward.

There are other candidates out there too who's names haven't surfaced at this point. But I'm excited by this group. I know the fans want Norton in there. He brings the firepower and name recognition. I think Walker and Wilson are also solid coaches. Joe Lee Dunn and Earnest Wilson, I believe they could do the job. But I believe Boston is going to go outside the program. He's looking for fresh blood and to make a splash. Very interesting......


Anonymous said...

O.k., so because it looks like 'Bama and the Sooners are in the nat'l chmpshp game, why doesn't the AD schedule one of them for the new coach to play - a la the Aggie hoopsters playing KU last night?

Lowly Nebraska having no trouble with the Aggies should have signaled to everybody that Mumme's prime objective - to get to the first bowl game since 1960 - was a pipe dream. Is the next guy hired also going to be held to this rediculous standard? The Lobos can't even make the New Mexico Bowl ....!!! If NMSU must have a football program, just play big schools for money and quit blaming the succession of coaches.

Anonymous said...

Agree there is plenty to get excited about with the names that have been mentioned. As for Anon 11:24, just go back to Loob land and worry about UNM football; leave NMSU websites for true Aggie fans. And to be so presumptuous as to think Bama is a lock to beat Florida in the SEC championship tells me you're clueless. OU in the BCS championship I understand, Bama???

I fully realize getting the NMSU football program to be a regular .500 or better team on a regular basis will be extremely difficult, but I believe we were close to that with Tony Samuel. It is NOT a pipe dream. Here's hoping Dr. Boston can make a much better call with our next football HC. After all, he hit a home run with RT on hoops, but the jury is still out on MM. Maybe this time he will hit a home run on his second football HC pick. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Lowly Nebraska? An 8-4 season with the likelihood of playing in the Gator Bowl on January 1st is a pretty good year; especially with a new head coach.