Monday, December 22, 2008

3 candidates

Who do you think they are?

I would have to think that DeWayne Walker is in the mix. I brought up Walker's name on the phone to McKinley Boston....Silence on the other end. Who knows.

Walker would be a strong candidate, but is this job below him? I don't mean that in a negative way, but seriously. This guy will be a head coach one day. Does he want to start at NMSU with a mediocre salary? I'm not ruling it out, either. Some guys simply want to be head coaches very, very badly. And if he wants it bad enough, he'll take this job. Why not? It's D-I football in a solid mid-major conference. At the end of the day, it comes down to someone's priorities at a particular stage of their career.

Schultz could be in the mix. Luper. Norwood. Kibry Wilson. These names are ridiculous. What about the internal candidates? I got the impression that they are not being considered right now. Again, that's just my sense. Nothing's official with them.

I'm excited but I also want this hire to work out for the program. It will be depressing if the new coach falls on his face. He needs to be given a chance. In my opinion, this team's talent level will be gutted and a makeover will be necessary. But we will see signs early on if the program is moving in the right direction.

First things first though. The hire has to be made.


owlfinder said...

Are you thinking Schultz is ridicuolus? What in the world are you basing this on??

Anonymous said...

Maybe with all the years of losing NM State has a really bad reputation on a national level. I'm not sure that NM State deserves a really good coach. The pay is very low for a Div. I-A (now FBS) school and the community has pretty much stopped going to games.

I don't think any of the current candidates are much to get excited about, but I guess this is the best a school like NM State can do.

I have spent a lot of money supporting NM State over the years because it's located in my hometown. My real alma mater is finally getting a football program and most likely my money and support will start going to them.

Teddy said...

Owlfinder....I meant the names sounded ridiculous. It wasn't a personal shot on any of the candidates.

IC said...

I heard on KDBC that the salary would be a pay cut for Walker who they said was the front runner.

Whether it's Walker, or Schultz, we need a hire soon. As for the internal names, I think that is plan B, in case the top 3 turn down the offer.

Not trying to make this a knock, but if memory serves, wasn't Menzies the second choice? Due to financial reasons?

Anonymous said...

How early do you think they will NM State will make a decision? You would think they would do before the first of the year. What would be the earliest Boston announces the head coach?

Anonymous said...

anon good for you. Now go sit on it.

IC said...

I was impressed with TCU tonight vs. Boise St.

Wonder if a win like that would have an impact on Dr. Boston, and the fans voting in the online poll?

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous!! pony up the money and go get Walker. He is clearly the best choice. $200k, are you kidding me? He should help us win, be part of the community, and put fans in the stands. Can somebody please have some vision here.