Friday, December 12, 2008

I believe Johnson is legitimately in the mix

So, I had a conversation last night with someone about the NMSU football search.

And we were talking about Charley Johnson. Prior to this conversation, I didn't think NMSU could conceivably hire Johnson as the next head coach. After the talk, it made perfect sense.

First off, I remain with the belief that the Aggies are going to go outside the program. It seems like that's McKinley Boston by nature. But what if they elect not to?

Johnson seems like someone who the program would consider turning too. First off, he's a figure that could generate money for the cause. People respect and admire Charley in the community.

Second, is that the team already has two coaches in place that they could plug in. That is, Joe Lee Dunn as defensive coordinator and Earnest Wilson as offensive coordinator. Bingo! This would be a major money saving move as well.

And lastly, Charley seems to be on the same page as just about everybody on the search committee. And that doesn't hurt either.

I, for one, would not want NMSU to go down this route. But it's not too far-fetched of an idea. One which I thought was not too long ago.


Aggie007 said...

That's not a bad idea actually. We have good athletes, a good program, and good administrative support. What we need is to move a few major pieces [Mumme and his snot-nosed son, and Greg Harrod]. I think Charlie Johnson would definitely make better play-calling decisions than Mumme. And the piece of this that I like the most above all is Ernest Wilson as the Offensive Coordinator. I am so high on him ... some Aggie fans will say, "well our running game was horrendous and he was the running backs coach." My response is this: Mumme ran a pass first-second-third offense!
I like this idea and I don't think most Aggie fans would be totally opposed to this.
Interesting ...

Teddy said...

People can say what they want about Earnest Wilson. He had a incredibly hard job coaching and recruiting to that team. Running backs in the 'Air-Raid?' Not an ideal situation. If he got a fair shake, he'd do a good job.

Anonymous said...

To whoever is selected as head coach-can we PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE-SCRAP THE AIR RAID OFFENSE SCAM?!!We need a coach that will teach the basics of the game-running,blocking,tackling-and a solid ground game to COMPLEMENT a passing game-no more schemes,gimmicks or scams-just good,solid in-your-face football.This program has shown that it doesn't have the depth of players to run this AR scam-because the only thing that this brand of "Raid" has done is to scare off home football attendance!!-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

One thing about Charlie Johnson, he really LOVES and cares for NMSU!!
The guy is all over the place, he's fairly approachable and he's one smart Son of a gun!!
It seems like a lot of the players really like him.

He would probably bring a more balanced attack and unlike Dumme, he would give JL Dunn a fair shake when it came to recruiting defensive players.
Not just leave him with table scraps!

The players talk very highly of Earnest Wilson.
I don't believe he had much to say when it came to Dumme's attrocious play calling!
I've met the guy a couple of times so, I can't say what he's like.

I think next week will us a better idea who the top three finalist are.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Give it to Charley. The guy really wants to be here and that is saying something. All these other "so called" candidates are window dressing and they are involved with better jobs. Charley is Mr.Aggie and we all know that.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that you "pro-Charley" fans have stopped taking your medications. As if we weren't the laughing stock of college football, we would seal that discussion forever if we hired Charley.

His two qualifications are that he played 48 years ago and has breakfast with search committee.

That being said there is one possible reason. Charley is a stop gap to Give a new president and subsequently new AD the opportunity to hire his/her own coach.

Anonymous said...

Like Anon 8:16, I'm wondering about Johnson's credentials and experience as a coach. If he is chosen, it will be solely for money reasons. You gotta love the guy, but come on. Is that really what we need?
-Aggie Glare