Saturday, December 27, 2008

Walker coming to campus on Monday

A report out of the L.A. Daily News on Friday night/Saturday morning stated that DeWayne Walker will be in Las Cruces on Monday and will take a tour of the NMSU campus. It's believed that Walker is the lead candidate to fill the Aggie football coaching position.

It seemed like Walker was the man for the job when this search got underway to begin with. The real unknown was if he was willing to coach the Aggies. But, it would seem, that he is. And that's a good thing.

The school will make an offer to Walker. If he likes it, the job is his. Take it or leave it. I think he will.....Take it.


Anonymous said...

Teddy. NMSU offered the job to DeWayne Walker last week. DeWayne had already accpeted the coaching job. NMSU will announce the head coaching job on Monday. article was right. I have no idea why you couldn't contact Gil, and get the information he had. He has some quailty sources, and looked like you dropped the ball on this one.

Anonymous said...

NMSU needs to show Coach Walker before and after pictures of the athletice facilities prior to 2004.

I believe the Fulton Center was opened in 2004 and from there, the Pan Am renovation, Golf Clubhouse, Tennis Center, Equestrian center, softball upgrades, baseball upgrades, FB locker up grades, FB auditorium, jumbotron, etc. and the proposed upgrades to Aggie Memorial.

I think he will be impressed to see the improvements the past 4-5 years and what's also on the way.
Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

One hopes he can both recruit and coach.

Anonymous said...

Great, looks like Walker will be the new coach. That's all the Aggies need. An assistant coach from Pac 10 cellar dweller UCLA. I guess Schultz is too successful and too progressive for podunk Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he's coming to LC for a press conference, and not to look at the facilities before deciding for sure to accept the position. Don't have a clue what UCLA's facilities look like, but I'm guessing NMSU's are substantially inferior, even with the recent improvements.

I have no idea if Walker is a good choice, but I sure hope he is the right choice and is willing to work hard to change the culture that is NMSU football. Who ever succeeds Mumme has his work cut out for him. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

If the issue were about facilities, NM State wouldn't even attract a middle school The high schools in places like Texas and California have nicer facilities than NM State.

Anonymous said...

Give Teddy a break for supposedly "dropping the ball". I'm sure he does the best he can with the limited resources he has working for a paper like the Sun-News.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teddy,

Hey Aggie Fans. What about a big welcome to Coach Walker. Let's help him off to a good start by showing our supoprt.

Anonymous said...

I think Walker will be pleased with NMSU's facilities, and recent and planned improvements - all of which show a commitment to succeed.

He knows NMSU is not UCLA, but then he doesn't have to compete against the likes of USC and Oregon either. NMSU facilities are in the average range for the WAC.

I happen to think Walker will be a very good hire. And the players he will inherit are not bad - there is some talent remaining. May take a couple of years to get to a winning team, but it should be easier than when Mumme started.