Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday's game

How many times have we seen the Aggies lose games like the one on Saturday versus Louisiana Tech? Chase Holbrook called it exhausting and I would have to agree.

Chase and Chris Williams both stood up at the end of Saturday's game and were upset over the loss. It was another tough one in their careers, one's which have seen many.

I think that's what's tough about this team under Mumme. They have had many games where they were right there in the fourth quarter and ended up losing. It makes it tough to quantify. Are they a team that is far away from any real success or are they on the doorstep and just waiting to get over the hump? It seems like it is something we have asked for the past two seasons.

I can think of two games off the top of my head where they made the key plays down the stretch to win. Hosting UTEP last season and at Nevada this year. There have been at least nine in the past three years where they were right there in the fourth quarter and things did not work out for them. Is that the sign of an unlucky team, a bad team or one that is simply mentally weak? I think they are a team with talent but that they have mental breakdowns late. So, in my opinion, they are mentally weak.

They went up three on Saturday with just under 11:00 left in the contest. How many people thought they would lose? I thought they could win, but I braced myself for a loss. And when La. Tech hit that big pass play down the sideline for the go-ahead TD, I wasn't surprised. We have all seen it before. The team remains a tease.


Anonymous said...

It was a tough loss for everyone. I honestly though thought they were going to pull it off.

A couple of things I don't understand;
You are in a dog fight and use up your time outs w/ 5 minutes in the game?!?
On the their last drive. Why did Mumme decide to kick it out of bounds on purpose and give LaTech the ball at the 40?!?

I was at the game but also recorded it and saw it again on Sunday.
The fans aren't the only questioning the play calling. The ESPN crew kept questioning Mumme's play calling all game long.

Greg Harrod said we are "idiots". I guess he should also include the ESPN commentators, right?
Time & time again, the idiots on the coaching staff are not putting the team in a postion to win!!

Speaking of staff. Which assistant got into a shoving match with Mumme in the 4th quarter?

Anonymous said...

Mr Feinburg,why are you and your sports editorial staff ignoring the elephant in the room?That would be the NMSU football program which hasn't been anything to be proud of since 1967.Just a parade of coaches coming and going-this one needs to go simply because of his arrogant personality-and that's what will happen again-hire another one,throw every obstacle at him to prevent him from succeeding,and then run them out of town with an expired contract and a losing record.From what I've seen you and your fellow editor post,it appears that the status quo is what you and this paper will be satisfied with-to find the REAL problem(S) with this program would hurt too many feelings in the community.You(and those who have come before you)as the sports editorial lack the conviction and drive to uncover the real story and tell the public the truth about why the good citizens of Las Cruces constantly year after year are forced to support a perinneal LOSER and not question or complain about it.I don't care if you post this or not(I'm betting you won't)But,if I had the resouces,I would definitely launch some sort of investgation of the NMSU Football program!!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ the questionable coaching calls.

Mumme's gone, either this week or next Monday and he knows it.
I have a feeling he is throwing the games away on purpose.

He wants the next coach to inherit a 3-9 team, that has a 7 game losing streak and will have nothing but younger players with a very poor recruiting class coming in.
In a nutshell, he wants candidates to stay away and embarass NMSU even more.

However, we showed him this weekend that we are not going to be in any watch list for poor attendance.

He will throw another game away this weekend but, he and will be gone into the coaching graveyard!

Anonymous said...

"The team remains a tease."

Great line TF. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I think Mumme has had his shot. Time to bring in a recruiter and coach. Maybe we could go for someone a little younger, greener, and hungrier? Maybe take a chance on an up and comer offensive or defensive minded assistant coach who has ties to Florida, Texas or California?

Let's not go through another guy who has been head coach at 5 different universities. Let's pick a young guy who shows promise but is stuck behind a coach.

Anonymous said...

The goal was to play in a Bowl game and gosh darn it, Mumme delivered!
He and Utah St. Brent Guy will be playing in the 2008 Lame-Duck Bowl!!

Both are getting canned on Monday but, the winner get's a nice little pat in the buttocks!!

The loser, get's to be the college version of the Village Idiot and DI joke of the year!!

Ever since we lost to Idaho, I said NMSU would not win another game as long as Hal Dumme is the coach.
I stand by my prediction, 42-28 Northern Aggies over NMSU. Sorry guys.

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

As we talk about Aggie football, it might be interesting to see what was said about Northwestern and the fact taht they are the only Big 6 conference school to never get to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

"The biggest thing to overcome is what football had to overcome and that's operating against a complete and total lack of tradition. That's the biggest uphill climb. It's easier to go where the road is paved than to drive the bulldozer."

The URL for the article is:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Sun news is now being censored by the AD at NMSU? The message board talking about the Mumme saga has been taken down. TF doesn't say a word about Mumme in this latest post. I guess when NMSU buys full page ads in your sports section you have to be careful what you say? Aggie fan's don't be to surprised if Mumme is still around after Saturday, he and Boston are buddys and Boston doesn't like to be one uped by the media.