Sunday, December 28, 2008

UNM hoops game

The Lobos are coming to town on Tuesday.

I do think, for Menzies and the Aggies, this could borderline on a must-win game.

I know, people are saying, 'how can it be a must win, it's only December/January, conference hasn't even started?' But you gotta hear it out.

First off, I don't think the fan base is crazy about Menzies right now. It's a fickle business, and people want a win. They want to see the Aggies take their rival by the throat, at home.

If the Aggies handle the Lobos the way they handled UTEP at the Pan Am earlier this year? Passing grade, with flying colors. If they win in a knock down, drag out affair? That's 2-2 against their rivals this year, and the natives are satisfied. A rebuilding year of sorts, in the coach's words and actions no less, and we'll take a 2-2 record. A loss? At home? To a UNM team that is beatable? Some more complaints start rolling in, some more questions are asked and some more confidence from the fan base erodes.


It would be nice to see some fans at the game. Anything less than 8,000 will be very disappointing. Anything at 10,000 or higher would qualify as a success.

I know the numbers might seem a little unrealistic, depending upon your viewpoint, but I think, for a rivalry game on a Tuesday night, a good crowd like this is a requirement in a college town.


Anonymous said...

how can these numbers be unrealistic? oh wait i know this town is a terrible sports town. if people would realize that the only reason this town even exist is because of the university then maybe they would pay 6 bucks to watch a pretty good basketball program. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO IN THIS TOWN? high school football is over so no EXCUSES people lets get and and pack the PAC!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go and beat the lobos because they sold out their arena in ABQ and talked alot of trash to our players and coaches as well as all the alumni that showed up for the game. come on aggie fans lets support OUR TEAM tuesday night!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats what Im talking about!! Lets get some people into the stadium. The turn out fot the UTEP game was god awful. Lest pack the place and make it clead who owns the state!

Anonymous said...

Menzies is building this program the right way and for the long haul. I have enjoyed watching this team develop and are two baskets away from being 8-4. Most of last years Theus's recruits on last years team were all about "I". I like the way this years team plays together.

Anonymous said...

I love what im hearing. Lets go AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be there for sure. We really really need a sell out and we need to be loud like we were for years. I am guilty of watching games on tv but I will be going for sure tonight and we are going to POUND THE PUPPIES. Make sure we all go!