Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Walker introduced.....NMSU hoops

DeWayne Walker will be introduced at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

I am very excited to attend! We will get our first idea of what Walker is all about and what he could possibly bring to the table. My hunch: A very level person, someone who will not be overly flashy. Just a solid coach. Again, this is just his first press conference and much judgment will be reserved for the next nine months and into the season. We shall see. But it's as good a time as any to get things started.


Many thought the search went too long. Maybe an announcement would have been nice a week ago but lets think about the ramifications of rushing.

You pick a coach to aid in the recruiting process, as every day missed hurts. But the more you rush, the more the likelihood exists of making the wrong pick.

McKinley Boston took his time. He targeted who he wanted. And he landed the man he wanted. That wouldn't have been possibly without patience. The negotiation process took some time and ultimately convincing Walker may have taken some time. If he ends up being a good head coach, you won't remember how long the coaching search took three years from now. You'll just be happy.


I will not pile on the men's basketball team.

They lost a tough game to the Lobos, at home, and one that felt like it was their's in the final five minutes. But we move on.

Now, we look to WAC play. Folks, the WAC is unimpressive this year. If the Aggies don't finish top-4 in this conference, it will be considered a major disappointment. I feel like that is even being more lenient than what some others would say. Heck, some others might say top-3 or top-2. But I'm realistic.

This is a team that won a legitimate WAC title two years ago. A team that really, arguably, could have won the WAC last year - but didn't.

Just finish top-4. In a weak conference. I think they should.


Anonymous said...

Good thing Coach Walker was on hand at last night's game. He just witnessed the Lobo dominance in all sports except, VB.

There is no FB rivalry, UNM has punked us around for 6 straight years.
We are very frustrated and tired of playing second fiddle!!

SM said...

My thoughts on football and basketball:

Football - I do not know much about Walker, but I think it is great that we are bringing in a defensive-minded coach. We need to follow SJSU and La Tech's lead and make sure our defense is near the top of the WAC. La Tech has a terrible offense, yet, they were able to grab a bowl win with solid defense. We are never going to get highly skilled offensive players. CW slipped through the cracks and we got lucky with him. But as a mid-major program, we need to focus on strengthening our defense. I know the fans may not like 10-6 wins, but I would take that over what Mumme gave us any day.

Basketball - The key with this team is to be patient. This is a very frustrating team that shows greatness at times. I think they will develop into a team that does not have to demolish opposing teams in order to win. In the 3 games that have been very close and have come down to the last minute, the Aggies are 0-3. That is unacceptable, but hopefully with time the Aggies will be able to win those games. Bottom line: Menzies is 2-6 against our rivals. That needs to improve in the upcoming years.

Anonymous said...

So what will happen with most of the old staff?

Anonymous said...

Until the basketball team can run an offense that features getting the ball inside in the paint or down to the baseline we will not win to many more games this season. Creating traffic all along the 3 point line will just continue to handcuff our shooters and create hurried out of control shooting. Our offense resembles that of a 5th grade team, very few options and gridlock. If we do not score in transition we are in trouble. What about our In-bounds play???? What a joke. We have been running the same in-bounds play all season long. Menzies only know ONE PLAY???? Way too much talent on this team for a no talent coach.
I hope I have to eat my words, and I gladly will,,,,,,,,,,but can you say STUBBY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are REAL young. Can't forget that. They played a less talented but veteran UNM squad. They showed that in the last 3 minutes. Daniel Feris hit his jumper. Laroche missed wide open. In the Aggies defense, the refs didn't help out Gibson much on that second to last play.

Anonymous said...

Football--This is the most excited I have been in years about NMSU football. I think we finally have a coach in place that will get some energy in the program. It may take a year or two, but he will have us on the right track. First thing I would do in lock up Donte Caro, James Hall. Keep the hometown hero's here. Then I would find as many linemen as I could.

Basketball--Very young team but they are getting better. I think our bigmen need to grow up fast on the d side of the ball and H.M. has to attack the glass. MM is doing a good job we just need to continue to grow and peak at the WAC tourney.

Anonymous said...

To the poster that asked what will happen to the old staff, well I think they probably will all be gone(THANK GOD) except maybe Joe Lee Dunn, which I suspect he will be a well paid position coach, not DC. The tone of Walkers press conference makes that a very strong possibility and I am glad/hope) that the committee is giving that option. I noticed he did give that Ernest guy some nice props but I am sure once he talks one to one with that arrogant jerk and the lousy kind of talent he recruits he will make sure the guy is packing his bags soon. Mumme's was not only a bad coach but his staff mostly sux'ed to. If you notice so far only ONE coach has been offered a job elsewhere and he basically had the same staff at NMSU his whole tenure, that's pretty unusual for a Aggie team to keep the same assistants even four years...says something about how unwanted they were. What a great felling to have smart people running the football program now.

IC said...

From the St Louis Post Dispatch:

Another Rams assistant coach, Keith Murphy, also is leaving for the college ranks.

Murphy, 34, joined the Rams in
2007 and was the team's quality control-assistant special teams coach this past season.

He's headed to New Mexico State, where he will help with wide receivers and special teams.

"He's a tireless worker, and he's a good person," Haslett said. "He'll do a good job down there."

JJ said...

I think the Aggie basketball team is progressing but they do need to do a better job at working it into the bigs. Passing around the perimeter is ok, but we do need to get some penetration to create opportunties. Gibson, JY, and Hernst all have the quickness to penetrate; they just need to do it under control and keep a good eye out for a dump inside to one of the bigs or take it outside for an open three. Joyner may do the same; I think he needs a little more game time to be comfortable. I am glad that Hamadu is good at free throws... this will allow him to be aggressive about taking it to the hoop because the other team won't gain much by fouling him.

Anonymous said...

Getting tired of hearing about how young the basketball team is. Look at all the Seniors we had last year and we LOST 14 Games and went 1-3 against the LO-Blows and Whiners. So I guess last year we were too OLD. Just start coaching better.
It is like hearing about how many injuries the football team had.
Maybe its the sophomore coach, and not the freshman and sophomore players. Call Lou to consult.

Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

No piling on..good point. But some observations...Roman Martinez, one of their top scorers for the game, playing with 4 fouls any other observant coaching staff would have posted him up with Mckines to foul him out. Wendel was begging for the ball but nothing called for him..unbelievable. Offense is terribly lacking, no adjustments, very few real set plays, alot of one-on-one play. Last shot, inbounds play to Rhaman? Wow..not set for the shooters? Yes, the team is young and inexperienced but so is the coaching staff. Please do not misunderstand my observations, I am a staunch Aggie supporter, I attend every game, these are the simple observations of a novice fan..GO AGGIES!

Anonymous said...

This year's Aggie basketball team will need to win the WAC tournament to make it to the NCAA tournament. Even if it wins out from this day forward and only loses in the final game of the WAC tournament, the Aggies won't be invited to the big dance as an at large team. The number of losses it already has combined with a low RPI will keep the team out of the NCAA tournament.

Anonymous said...

I just find it troubling that a D-1 college basketball coach doesn't see a 6-7 preconference record as a problem or cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

Making the post season is something I never considered a realistic goal for this team. If MM can't make the post season (NCAA or NIT) with the team he had last year and home court advantage in the WAC tourney, there really is not much to be optimistic about this year.

This team has talent, and I like the looks of some of MM's recruits such as McKines and Gillenwater. They should get better as the season progresses, but they need to be coached up. I hope MM is up for the task, but have my doubts. I'm not sure what to make of our offensive sets. Seems to be the same ole, same ole as last year.

Anyone watch Nevada play UNC? Nevada has some players, and Utah State will always be tough under Stu. Our RPI is pathetic at 259, with six WAC teams rated higher entering WAC play. But it's on to another season - WAC play. Let's see if MM's team steps up or stays young. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I really think MM islearning too. Remember Steve Alford is a better coach right now, but has been coaching for a long time. Menzies is a sophomore coach. He even admits hes learning. Lets not chase him out, because I think he can get us good and NOT bail on us after a short period of success. Remember we are NMSU, not Duke or UNC. We cant afford Rick Pitinos and such. We have to be patient.
Trust me!