Monday, December 22, 2008

Uphill battle

When I look at the NMSU football team, I wonder about the coaches that have come and gone, the new one coming in, and what holds the program back.

Do you really think all the coaches in the last 40 to 50 years to grace the Aggie sideline have been bad? Highly unlikely. Can the program win? I would think so, but it hasn't in some time and who knows when it will turn the corner.

Aggie Glare brought forth a good point a couple posts ago. In essence, even if Boston makes a great choice on a new head man, the odds will be stacked against the coach. History indicates this. It will be an uphill battle not only winning here but also turning around a losing culture and a losing tradition that engulfs the team.

NMSU football has some benefits for a new coach who's looking to take over a program. The facilities have been upgraded and there's more to come. The current administration has a vested interest in winning. The WAC is a solid football conference. But there are drawbacks to, possibly the biggest being the fact that the program has been a coaching graveyard for years. No one wants to go to a new situation where they feel like they can't succeed. And there is some of that going on here.

I've said it time and again, the Aggies need to find a special coach to turn things around. Even if they find a special one, there's no guarantee they will be able to do the job.


owlfinder said...

If Buffalo can do it, so can NMSU. Were not talking about BCS bowls, were talking about the New Mexico Bowl and 6-6.

IC said...

Is it a coaching graveyard because of the history or bad choices?

Turner Gil was turned down in favor of Mumme and look at how they each turned out. Dick Tomey was also turned down, he's built a winner. The AD hasnt made the right choices either, so they need to take the criticism as well.

ic said...

He might not have been on NMSU's radar, but another coach has been hired. Ron English(D Coordinator at Michigan) was hired today by Eastern Michigan.

Dr. Boston, please make a decision soon. With every day that passes more jobs are being filled and valuable recruiting time passes us by.

Anonymous said...

The AD is for sure the problem. In my 37 years of life, NM State has had many quality candidates for the football team's head coach position. It never ceases to amaze me at all the off-the-wall selections. It's almost like the administration has an inferiority complex and they are afraid to hire a really good coach that applies for the job. Most of the coaches don't last here very long anyways, might as well hire a name coach that will give us at least a few winning seasons and maybe a bowl game.

Most of my adult life I have lived out of state, but I have always managed to get to a few Aggie football games every year. My desire to support NM State football is dwindling. I really hope Boston gets it right this time.

In Boston's defense (not that I really like him much), he's not the worst AD ever at NM State....but a long line of not-so-good AD's hasn't helped the situation. Unfortunately Boston takes most of the heat for all the years of losing and frustration. I don't envy Boston with all the pressure he has right now.