Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What does NMSU need?

I do not think the Aggies need a coach with similar offensive philosophies as Hal Mumme, something that seems to be a priority for the search committee at NMSU.

The concern is that a change in system would lead to another rebuilding situation within the program, something the school or the team needs at this point. And I do not dispute that claim at all.

I just think that you win football games with a priority on the defensive side of the ball and being an effective rushing team. This isn't the prettiest football and it does not work in all cases. It's not as glamourous as the spread offense, either. But it seems to be a good formula.

Louisiana Tech and San Jose State rely on it and they're both good teams in the WAC. Fresno plays a run-first, muck-it-up style. Nevada keeps it on the ground. Even Boise, with all their bells and whistles, play off their ground game - and who wouldn't with Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery?

One reason I liked the spread and Mumme's system is that it made the Aggies unique in a sense. It also didn't win many games. We'll see what the new coach believes in and where his priorities are. Lets just hope he has an eye on the defensive side of the ball, special teams and doesn't abandon the ground game. You need these elements to win.

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