Sunday, January 10, 2010

Text message from Walker

With reports coming out today that Pete Carroll resigned from his post as USC's head coach, I received a text message this evening from Aggie head coach DeWayne Walker.

For those unaware, there have been massive reports that Walker will follow Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks, where Walker would become the team's defensive coordinator. Up to tonight, coach Walker hadn't returned phone calls as of Friday afternoon.

The text message wasn't earth shattering. It simply read, “Nothing to report yet.”

I know, this is a little silly to be reporting. But it is noteworthy that Walker responded in some form or fashion. Frankly, I would've preferred if the word “yet” wasn't in the message. Interpreting between the lines, not yet, but eventually, something will go down.

Sportscenter reported tonight that USC linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. will follow Carroll to Seattle to be the Seahawks' linebackers coach. Norton interviewed for the Aggie head coaching position last year before the school elected to go with Walker as its head man. Norton's candidacy didn't appear serious, although it did draw attention simply for his name value.

On another side note, former Idaho quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith accepted the offensive coordinator position at the University of Montana. The fact that Smith was the QBs coach at Idaho is of slight significance. The fact that he interviewed for the Aggies' offensive coordinator position turns it up a notch. Smith apparently was an impressive candidate for the Aggie job, but the team wanted to go with Mike Dunbar, due to Dunbar's years of experience as a coordinator.


Anonymous said...

"Nothing to report, yet"

Ahh crap! I think he's gone. Good for him, bad for us.

I guess wanting to be a HC is less important than being an NFL assistant.

So what do we do now?
Do we bring in someone else or promote from within?
Some say, Todd Littlejohn can be a good HC.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the word "yet" either. It just seems like its a forgone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

What is Dunbars record as a head coach?

JD said...

Looks like the writing is on the wall. Can't hardly blame him if he leaves. A high level pro job with a good friend as boss and closer to his kid in Oregon???

Teddy how about a list of potential canidates? Boston has to keep a short list ready to go at a moments notice for situations just like this???

Anonymous said...

Bring Earnest Wilson back as the HC. The players love the guy, and he's a great recruiter. I know he was on the short list for the job before Walker got it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the coach's buyout clause looks like should he decide to move on to the pros?

Anonymous said...

Coach Wilson would be great!

Anonymous said...

They mentioned D. Walker on Sportscenter and Fox Sports Radio, if it werent close to being a done deal I dont think National broadcasts would be bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

NMSU hires Reggie and he leaves to the NBA in two years.
Now coach Walker is headed to the NFL after one short year.

Both were great hires but, their brief stints did very little for filling the pipeline.
Just take a look at how inconsistent the Basketball team is under Marvin Menzo!

NMSU just can't seem to catch F***ing break!

Anonymous said...

The thing that stings is that we all knew Reggie was wanting to go to the NBA, he made no secret of it. We never had that feeling with DW. I thought he was here for at least 5 years, I was hoping he could build and then move on. What does this do to what is shaping up to be our best recruiting year?

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Pete take his current DC with him?

Anonymous said...

My hunch is that DW will stay. He seems to be excited about being head coach and has waited a long time for the opportunity. The pay for being a no-NFL-experience coordinator, while more than his salary here, is probably not enough to throw out his head coaching opportunity. The other rumor, USC hiring him as head coach seems unrealistic since he has not had success as a college head coach yet. Remember his record of 3-10. I hope DW stays, he is good for NMSU!

BOSS HOGG said...

Pete is going to run the defense himself in Seattle!!! Will will have Coach Walker for at least another year or two. Just understand that the man has NFL ties Pac-10 ties and each time jobs become available Walker's name will be in the mix!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, any talk of desolving the football program at this time? Given the economy and timing of this thing?

Anonymous said...

Boss Hogg, where did you get that! Carrol will not be the DC. He was hired with total control of the football operations. He will not mix in DC with all that.

Anonymous said...

The horrible attendance does not show Coach Walker that we want him here. Win or Lose.

I'm an avid Aggie Fan, and if I lived in Las Cruces I would easily find a way to buy nose bleeds and attend every game.
There is no reason for Walker to stay here.

Some day, you Las Cruces people will learn to support the program. Win or Lose. Until then, the losing part of it, will not change.

I hope its not true, but if I had to bet, Coach Walker is gone!

Anonymous said...

4:28 you can still buy your nose bleeds seats and donate them back to the team. Thats what I do with the tickets when I cant go to a game.

BOSS HOGG said...

anon 3:31, Just remember that I told you so. If Pete hires a DC it will be in name only!

Pete is a defensive guy who is going to want total control of the scheme and game plans.

Walker has had a taste of being the "Head Guy", hard to see him take that step back (not having real control) without having to do so.

Unless it is for the money, and if he leaves for the money. None of us could blame him for that.

Now, I will grant you this much when I wrote that post six hours ago I was convinced that my source was correct however, the fact that Walker has not reached out to quite the rumors in Las Cruces is NOT a good sign!