Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What to think about the Walker saga

If I were an Aggie fan, this whole DeWayne Walker situation would frustrate me. Talk about sitting in limbo.

Walker was adamant that he hasn't been offered a contract or had contact with the Seattle Seahawks. Still, something could be in the works. There's just too much internet fodder out there regarding Walker heading to the Seahawks for it not to have some grain of truth.

Walker spoke about interviewing candidates to fill his two assistant coaching positions this past week as well as recruiting responsibilities he and his staff still hold. He was fired up about the reports and speculation. But it's still out there whether he likes it or not.

NFL.com's Jason La Canfora reported that Walker remains the Seahawks top candidate as defensive coordinator. La Canfora has his stuff together and is on the money nine times out of 10.

Outside of Walker, there really hasn't been a whole lot of names thrown around the take over as Seattle's coordinator.

From what I understand, the Seahawks still have interest in last year's defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. If he is retained, it may not even be as defensive coordinator. But he may get consideration there as well.

Either way, Carroll will have a say in the defense. That's his background and where he's most comfortable.

What do you think Walker's going to do? Will he be in Las Cruces next year? In Seattle? Some chatter....


Anonymous said...

I think he goes, and I think he should, you can't pass up the chance when it comes. Let's be real, even if he stays, what could he get? Not many WAC coaches have made big time leaps. There is the old BSU coach now at Colorado, and Jones at SMU but not really top notch jobs. The WAC isnt going to produce the next Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly.

That said, I hope he stays. He's already shown more promise than I can recall and has given this season ticket holder hope for the future. But only if he's here to guide us.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care that much if he moves on or not. That was the most boring offense ever put on a college football field. I couldn't even stand to go to their games with that crappy offense.
With the kind of money college coaches make if he moves on there will be plenty of good coaches applying to take over. Now if there was just a new AD to pick a new coach, then I might get excited.

BOSS HOGG said...

Calm before the storm Teddy, calm before the storm...I had hoped that Walker was going to stay but when he reported to you that he had NOT been contacted about the Seahawks job that cemented it for me.(he is leaving)

Because I know that he has been contacted and when coaches "bend" the truth that is never a good sign. I would like to see coach end the speculation because we need a coach and we need one NOW!

Signing day is upon us Teddy! I say hire Todd Littlejohn to try and keep some continuity in the program and move on.

Littlejohn has no head coaching experience but he has a lot of college experience and is the current recruiting cord.

Littlejohn would stay for as long as the university would have him. With Walker, even if he stays we will go through this scenario every year

GoldenGopherfan said...

I was hoping he would turn things around here at NMSU and then take over at Minnesota with their new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Saying "I have not been contacted," doesn't mean "I won't be on the first plane outta' here if I'm offered the job." I think he's playing it close to the vest, which is his prerogative.

If I were Boston, I'd have university general counsel looking closely at the buyout clause in his contract. I'd also be thinking about possible replacement candidates since NMSU will have to work to keep the recruits who have agreed to attend NMSU and work to get the ones still not in the fold.

Anonymous said...

Did Walker have representation when interviewing for NMSU? I have read that he is claiming neither he or his representative have talked to the Seahawks..

"IF" he didn't have a rep before and does now...what does that say?

9pistolPETE9 said...

So it is said...we are all fickle in our nature. What makes one in the public profile less susceptible? DeWayne Walker is certainly a man that in just one year is held in high regard throughout the Aggie faithful. We believe. We believe that he holds the formula to turnaround a program which historically does not have much history. And now, BAM, one and done. Well not too fast. Although I do believe that he will not turn down an opportunity to coach in the NFL as a Coordinator(few would in his shoes), I am not certain that the Seahawks will call Walker's number. Yes, Walker's name is on a shortlist, and many state that he is the favorite. The Seahawks have a dismal defense. Certainly Pete Carroll is generating a buzz around Pike Place Market, but this buzz will quickly be met by skepticism if Walker is announced as the Defensive Coordinator. Carroll knows this, and is too smart to pull that trigger. My guess is that the Defensive Coordinator position will be announced, it will not be Walker, but rather someone with NFL Pedigree, and Walker will be left to choose between a NFL Positions Coach OR stay in Las Cruces to continue what he started. With this scenario, one has to believe that the decision would be to stay.

K Aggie 98 said it best that this is a Train Wreck, but this train just might fall back on the tracks. The real train wreck hopefully won't come until DeWayne Walker has successfully changed the face of Aggie Football as a contender in the WAC, and is packing his bags for a bigger DI program or the likes of the NFL. At that point, let's hope that we are well equipped with proven home-grown Assistant Coaches and recruits to keep this dream alive.