Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walker phone call

Spoken with DeWayne Walker and he said he hasn't been offered defensive coordinator position by the Seahawks. Here's the link to the online story posted at 2:30.

I'll have more on this later, just wanted to give everyone a heads up early....


Chile Duck said...

But did you ask if he would be interested in an offer if he did receive one?

Anonymous said...

Coach...its not comical for us fans! We want you here.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the sports talk shows (I listened to two) had Walker going to the Seahawks. They were from El Paso, Los Angeles, Portland (OR) and Seattle.

The position mentioned was DB coach, not defensive coordinator. Being in sports for 27 years there are many ways to contact a coach! Walker is probably telling the truth! However, why are so many talk shows saying he was contacted by the Seahawks. After all it was Pete Carroll's recomendation that got him hired.

The next question is will his agent visit with Dr. Boston to try to get a better deal for Walker at NMSU? Good Luck, where is the money?

Let's look at the past head coaches after they left NMSU.

Jim Bradley - Back to high school
Gil Krueger - Out of football, no one would hire him.
Jim Zechman - Out of football, no one would hire him.
Mike Knoll - Out of Football for 4 years and then found a Division III program to coach.
Jim Hess - Out of football for two years - Scouted for the Dallas Cowboys after being out.
Tony Samuel - Went to Purdue for one year and is now at Southeast Missouri State where he has averaged only two victories a year.
Hal Mumme - At MacMurry in Texas (Abilene) was 6 and 4.

NMSU is a graveyard, it is a place for coaches to die.

Statistically NMSU can win in football, however you have got to get kids who want to play at NMSU or any program for that matter. The kids I have heard do nothing but complain and feel they should be with a better program.

Some how, some way we have got to get players who want to be at NMSU!