Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Found this interesting....

Seattle Times blog entry saying that the Seahawks were going to interview Redskings defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

Here's the link.

My gosh, how many reports are out on this situation? This is on par with when Reggie Theus went to the NBA. And that was madness.

I just want to say this: lets get a verdict on this situation as soon as possible. I've enjoyed covering this story. But something concrete needs to come forward soon for all parties involved — the fanbase, Walker and NMSU.

And what will the reaction be depending on the outcome? What if Walker returns next year? What if he goes? How are people going to respond either way?

All's well that ends well....Lets hope this has a happy ending.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed and I would say good news for us. Seems a lot of these national outlets are using you Teddy as their source. Good job in reporting this story!