Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One more verbal

I know that with whole coach Walker situation, reporting on verbals is a little out of place. But people still want to know, right?

Alright, it seems like the Aggies have received another verbal commitment, this one coming from Charles Garrett, a three-star defensive back from Los Angeles, Calif.

Here's Garrett's profile on rivals.com.

This kid seems legitimate. And, despite all the rumors and widespread speculation surrounding Walker right now, it doesn't seem to be effecting recruiting all that much. At least on the surface. Hopefully, these kids stay on board no matter the circumstances. These are just verbals after all.

Still hoping for a big-time receiver.....


K Aggie '98 said...

The information about the verbal commitments is good stuff. Keep it coming.

Back to the Walker rumors. I don't know if anybody has noticed, but if you follow the reference link on the original story that DW is leaving,


the story references the LC Sun-News and your story Teddy! How funny is this Then, this story is used as a reference for other stories claiming it is a done deal and DW is gone.

Has anybody played the childhood game "gossip"?

Wow, this is too much fun and it is wasting a lot of my time. But, like a train wreck, I CAN"T LOOK AWAY!

DW coming to NMSU will do what Theus did for BBall. I hope he stays long enough for us to experience an entire DW recruited team on the field and a couple bowl games.

Anonymous said...

I said it on the earlier post these verbals are great news. Let's hope DW is to busy recruiting and that's why he hasn't called Teddy back.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seeing that we're the only non-BCS school to recruit him, seems like minor recruiting coup in landing him.

Anonymous said...

3 Big recruits in 2 days. Ifedi, Joyner, and Garrett. Walker please stay, these kids are studs. Our defense just got significantly better overnight.

JD said...

This has to fair well for Walker staying????? It seems to be a positive that Walker's staff continues to announce recruits. How could you walk into someone's living room and tell them to commit to NMstate without a commitment to them?

As recent events have shown Div-1 football is a hard swift game on and off the field. The one positive is that this has to be one of the best recruiting crops since the 5 star ranking system has been around. By my count we have 4 more scholarships. Room for a few big quick WRs. and possibly another TE?

Teddy where do we stand on greyshirts? I know we had a decent crop last year is there anyone on the practice squad that could come in a help. (i.e the James kid from LCHS)???