Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Earnest Wilson

Sorry about the lack of posts the last week folks. I went home for a few days and thought I'd write from their, but it just didn't happen. Things were constantly busy.

Anyway, former Aggie running backs coach Earnest Wilson was hired as offensive coordinator at Jackson State. Jackson is a SWAC school located in Mississippi. Here's a link to an article regarding his hire.

Coach Wilson was a solid coach for the Aggies and I was glad to see him get the nod at Jackson. He's been well traveled and this will be another stop on his career resume. Best of luck to him....


Anonymous said...

Always good that someone out of a job can land on his feet somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 1227. Any news on new recruits?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the previous staff did pretty well landing at decent schools.
Fanoga @ Wyoming, Goff @ Princeton, and now Wilson.

The only one that belly flopped was Hal Dumme and his breast fed son.
D3 McDonalds, I mean, McMurry St! What a JOKE!!