Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walker's situation

Well, it is now being reported that Pete Carroll has accepted the head coaching job with the Seattle Seahawks. If the other stone drops, it would mean that Aggie head coach DeWayne Walker would follow Carroll to Seattle to become the team's next defensive coordinator.

First off, nothing has been made official at this point. Much of this is speculation. Still, where there's smoke there's fire, and Walker and Carroll have been a tight connection through the years. If Walker does in fact leave, and again, I hate being premature, but simply from a hypothetical standpoint, this would be a devastating blow for Aggie football.

I thought coach Walker did a good job here in his first season. Yes, three wins for this team was a good job. It wasn't one with immense talent, yet still played hard and played together every week. Many of the losses were ugly, but I'll still point to the three wins as a reason for optimism.

If Walker were to leave at this point? This is still a talent-starved roster, one which must be rebuilt with the proper vision in mind. I thought the recruiting process was going in the right direction and I believed in how the team handled the interviewing process for its next offensive coordinator. Like any solid head coach, it had Walker's fingerprints on it. He was just beginning to mold the program. If he left, it would have to start over again?

That would be a tough pill to swallow. This past year was difficult, as the team battled through immense growing pains and scratched and clawed for production on a weekly basis. Frankly, many weeks were borderline unwatchable, yet could be stomached simply with the viewpoint that the program was headed somewhere with Walker in charge. To see him leave would be deflating.

For the record, I wouldn't blame Walker bouncing for an NFL coordinator position. Who wouldn't go? It's quite possibly a once-in-a-lifetime deal. And it's gotta be a career goal of his. You gotta jump at the chance if it's there. We'll take a wait-and-see approach on this one. My mind tells me it's still a long shot. But my gut tells me he's heading the Seattle if Carroll gets the gig.


Anonymous said...

If he must go, he must. Maybe NMSU makes something on the guy with a buyout clause in his contract.

Good luck Coach Walker, whatever path you choose to walk.

Aggie007 said...

Wow...that would be a very tough pill to swallow. Nobody could blame him, but damn that would be ANOTHER giant step back for the Aggie football squad.

Anonymous said...

Coach...As a loyal fan in Albuquerque, I beg you to stay. Aggie football has not had much to look forward to or hope for. The games I got the opportunity to watch this year showed that the players play for you, that they believe in what your doing and did not give up.

That is something that NMSU's football program has been missing for a long time. (I think maybe MBBall is missing this year.)

Coach I understand that sometimes you have to get when the gettin's good, but Coach I do also believe that if you can turn around NMSU football like a Bosie State you can name your program, or what a legacy to stay at NMSU and build the program into a top 10 school year in and year out.

Anonymous said...

Speculation is the name of the game.

If Carroll comes knocking on my door and offers me the defensive coordinator job with the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL then I would respectfully decline. But I'm not Coach Walker. It sounds crazy but me, I think that when you make a commitment to an organization you see your way through that commitment. The NFL would sound pretty damn nice but the challenge of building NMSU, one of the worst programs in college football history, would be much more appealing. I dont want Walker to leave because I think that it will create a mess of things here but if he chooses to then who can blame him?


Aggie007 said...

Anon 12:19,
Gag me with a spoon. That was pathetic. Have some pride.

Anonymous said...

Coach, if your gonna leave make sure it's for the right situation and not because its a pro team.

Reggie Theus left prematurely to the pro ranks and was done in 1.5 years.
Seattle is not a good sports town. Didn't Seattle lose the Super Sonics and a bowl game recently due to attendance?

If coach Walker can turn NMSU around, the offers will come.

IndyAg said...

Coach Walker was said to be waiting for a head coaching position for a long time. Do you think he would just up and leave the head coaching position he has been searching for? I'm not saying he wouldn't, but there is a distinct possiblilty that he wouldn't either. As was said before, speculation is the name of the game, I guess.

Anonymous said...


JD said...

Well didn't see this coming, but look on the bright side. Boston has picked two coaches that have been pulled after one season of coaching to go the next level. Granted Walker is different from Theus, but you have to positive that Boston will find a good successor. On that note if Walker does leave it is a severe blow to the program. Recruiting this year would be shot and you might as well pack in the next two years no matter who they bring in. I hope like any good AD Boston has a list of potential candidates. How about Bowden from S.Alabama or Ruffin McNiel from Texas Tech?

chilero said...

Look at it this way...

At least we'll still have Marvelous Marvin!


Anonymous said...


Who do you think you are?

chilero said...

It's official. Carroll named as new Seahawks coach in both the LA and Seattle Times this evening.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see him stay but also know that there is the pull not only of the league but of the money. Plus with his son at OSU it would be easier for his wife to pull double duty, Corvalis is a lot closer to Seattle. Some have said he could do better if he turns it around here at State and I hate to even think it, but what if he doesnt? These opportunities don't come around very often and you have to go after them when they do. I just hope that Doc Boston was smart enough to put a buy out clause this time around. Becuase from all accounts he and Pete seem to be tight and it could work, the only thing that gives me hope is if they were tight why was he across town at UCLA and not at SC?

Anonymous said...