Friday, January 15, 2010

Coaching news....From La. Tech

Reports are that Derek Dooley, Louisiana Tech's head coach, could be moving to take over Tennessee.

Here's a link to the Monroe News-Star article.

For the record, Dooley is La. Tech's head football coach, and athletics director. Talk about a double-whammy.

Dooley has been at Tech for three seasons and is the son of legendary Georgia head coach Vince Dooley. He got LT on track in his first campaign and in Year 2 the Bulldogs went to the Independence Bowl, beating Northern Illinois in the process. I predicted they would finish second in the WAC last year and they did not, finishing the season with a 4-8 record, 3-5 in conference play. Still, I believe he's a good coach who has built the program to respectability. We'll see how this plays out.....


Anonymous said...

Is this story for real or did Bob Gallagher call you about this.."done deal?"

Your never gonna live the Gallagher story down, boy!

9pistolPETE9 said...

Certainly Derek Dooley's hiring is politically motivated. For this young coach has not yet met the criteria to coach on College Football's biggest stage...THE SEC. Love or Hate the SEC, there is no argument that this conference dominates NCAA Football, and is expected to place a team in the National Championship game year in, year out. Dooley comes from a blood line of SEC football, son of the legendary Vince, and a disciple of Nick Saban.

However, what this says about the Big Picture of the WAC is even more impressive. The SEC has reached out to Derek Dooley, certainly Boise State's Chris Peterson and Fresno State's Pat Hill can write their own ticket when they want to move forward. The WAC is represented well on the big stage of College Football by the recent success of Boise State, Hawaii, and Fresno State.

The question now is when will New Mexico State be mentioned with these elite WAC teams? DeWayne Walker is the man that will guide this program in that direction, but will he be here to enjoy the fruition of their success? Certainly Derek Dooley didn't need to prove much on the field to warrant the Head Coach position at University of Tennessee.

If Derek Dooley can call the shots in Knoxville, it's only a matter of time before DeWayne Walker is doing the same on a Grand Stage. We know he will walk, and he should walk when that opportunity presents itself. NMSU students need to be educated on the emphasis of the value of support of this program,and the quality of the coach who leads the faithful. NMSU students need to put down the beers and march into gates on Saturdays for 4 quarters of football to make Aggie Memorial a chapel of Saturday College Football in the WAC!!!

Teddy said...


Gotta love the anonymous fans. Anon 3:34....Who are you anyway?

IC said...

Yahoo is reporting that he took the job.

Anonymous said...

How does this coach with a losing record at La Tech get to be head coach of Tennessee?

Just how many coaches turned the Vols down? There's desperation, and then there's desperation...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11

Good question, and one NMSU fans need to figure out the answer to. My thought is that they believe he did a good job at LTU with limited resources, and that with big time resources will do much better.

Keep this in mind when it comes to coach Walker. A couple of winning seasons at NMSU a bowl game or two, and some school with reources will figure if he can get the job done at NMSU with limited resources, he can move them to the head of the pack.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56,

I see your point. It just strikes me as strange that after 3 years, the coach has a losing record in two of the three, with the last year being one of the two seasons with losses. I know they went to a bowl game in the previous year, but is that really enough to get a coaching job at Tenn?

I think you are right about Walker. If the man gets the Aggies to a bowl game, he'll pop up on someone's radar. I doubt, though, that he will be snapped up if he doesn't get the Aggies some winning seasons.