Monday, January 11, 2010

More on Walker story

One thing I left out of my DeWayne Walker story was McKinley Boston's comments regarding replacements in case Walker does in fact take the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator position.

Me and Boston were talking in hypotheticals — that's what the majority of the conversation was because there is so much uncertainty revolving around Walker's status. Here's what the athletics director said about replacements:

“I've thought about it as the rumors have moved on,” Boston said. “I wouldn't put my head in the sand regarding the issue. But I also have not gotten to the point where I have a pen and paper in my hand and thought about ‘what ifs.’”

As of Monday, no one at NMSU knew much about Walker's thought process. I think most in the administration are taking a wait and see approach, including the assistant coaches on the Aggie staff. One of the only people who knows what's going to happen, perhaps the only one who truly knows, is Walker himself.

Still, his silence is not a good sign for Aggie nation. Either he's truly sorting it out in his head, or he cannot say anything until his deal with Seattle is a done deal. If he knew right now he was coming back to NMSU, he would have put that out on the table.

Lets deal with another hypothetical now: if Walker does in fact go to Seattle, where do you see the future of Aggie football? Where's it headed? It would clearly be suffering through a massive identity crisis. From Hal Mumme's Air Raid, to Walker's team-oriented approach, to now what? Initially, it will hurt, there's absolutely no denying that.

I will say this though also: If this job does open up, there will be candidates to fill the opening. Last year, there were a solid handful and there will be just as many this time around, if it does come to fruition. This is Division-I college football, and many want an opportunity to try their hand in the craft. With the Aggies' financial situation, can they do another full-fledged national search? Is it too late in the game to find a quality candidate to hire? Again, these are hypothetical questions, ones that we'll likely find out in the coming days.

This is part of the problem. There's so many questions, including questions about Walker himself. If I had to guess, I'd say he's not coming back to coach the Aggies. Most of everything points against it, from the outside reports, to the water-cooler conversations, to Walker's silence and NMSU's general uncertainty about his status.

We just want to know. Lets put an end to the speculation already with facts. That would really be great....


Anonymous said...

Probably need to be looking for new coaches soon anyway. Say Walker stays and has a good doubt he'll be gone next year. Its too bad that NMSU is a stepping stone job. Honestly we need a coach like a Rocky Long that wanted to be back at his alma matter.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't want to talk, fine. We take the buyout bucks and find another coach...preferably one who wants to be here.

Anonymous said...

Haha I was wondering how long it would be before someone started the bashing. He's not talking because there's nothing to report.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any bashing? Who is being bashed and where?

Anonymous said...

I still think he's gone. It's unfortunate but, it's all about the Benjamins.

Coaches will always tell you they like where they are or they enjoy molding young men, blah, blah, blah.
Financial security is more important.

Gone are the days of Lou Henson and Don Haskins.
Coaches that stuck around for the love of the university and town.

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Agreed, that is not bashing. I want him to saty. I was merely pointing out the fact that we are just s stepping stone. The first opportunity someone has and their gone...? Just want someone who wants to be here.

K Aggie '98 said...

All the silence from DW and what does it mean?

1. He has been offered and is considering.
A hard decision for him. Good for our program.

2. He has not been offered and there is nothing to report.
It seems likely as Carroll has already named a number of coaches that will be joining him in Seattle (including OC). Why wouldn't this include DW?

Crazy Ideas:

1. He has been offered and will not accept, but wants to build up anticipation for the program.

2. He has been offered, will accept, but is trying to help the program transition (in some strange way that I can't understand).

I see no reports about information from the other coaches or the players. Maybe some of the players should be asked about what they think is going on. They probably have a better feel for where DW stands than the AD.

Teddy, are you allowed to talk to the players or the assistants at anytime or is this tightly regulated?

One last thought. Who started this rumor? Anybody know? Sometimes, when the source is found these things are easy to dispel.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how people around here just turn on coaches so quickly. You tell me you wouldn't run off to a "better" job in your field of work on a higher level with more perks???? Like; Theus should have stayed here and now Walker should stay here and turn down an offer in the NFL to try and fix a football program that hasn't been good since Charlie J and Pervis A were here. Wow! NMSU needs to do what La Tech did and hire a football coach who is also the Athletic Director so he can have more control AND they can save some money.
If it turns out Walker can go, I wish him all the best in his career.

Aggie007 said...

It is "Dr. Boston and I", not "Me and Dr. Boston." Come on journalist.

Teddy said...


I have spoken with four assistant coaches on the staff and they have all told me they don't know anything and would prefer not to comment.

I also spoke with a player yesterday who was out of state. He only knew that Carroll was going to the Seahawks and had not heard any of the news on coach Walker.

I think everyone has been caught off guard and was surprised initially, players and coaches alike. At this point, they're like the rest of us — taking a wait and see approach.

I too have thought of the idea that this possibly is a gimmick to bring pub to the program and Walker will end up staying. This seems highly unlikely. But it would also be brilliant, and supply a sense of relief.

Anonymous said...

Money is not everything.

I have turned down (supposedly good) positions that paid more money than the position I held at the time. One has to look at what the job is.

In this case, there is a background of Carroll being a defensive coach and likely wanting to maintain his role in calling formations and other elements that are normally the DC's responsibility. It may be that Walker want full authority for the defense or to not take the position. There are many other possible reasons he might choose not to accept the position if it is offered. He may really like being the head guy, and not want to give that up.

Yes, Walker will probably leave at some point. Will it be now for the Seattle DC, or in another couple of years. He may really want to establish his ability to win, then move on to a high level BCS program.

At this point, NMSU and its fans really need to take pride in the fact that Walker is so highly regarded and hope that he really wants to stay and complete a turnaround.

Anonymous said...


Dominion said...

Well...looks like it's a done deal.

Anonymous said...

Just announced, Walker is gone.

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks, lets hope Dunbar will be a good HC

Anonymous said...

Aggie007 I wish you would just leave.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to find Wilson's phone number.

K Aggie '98 said...

The NBCsports story has not been repeated. hmmmm