Monday, March 10, 2008

Tourney Time

The WAC bracket looks very ordinary and one where NMSU will face its biggest nemesis of the season in the second round in Nevada.

Of course we're bypassing Idaho as a team that can pull an upset but common. If NMSU loses to the Vandals the world would appear to be caving in. Nevada will pose a serious challenge as we all know what the Wold Pack did to NMSU this year.

Still, it's hard to beat someone three times in one season as the Wolf Pack will be trying to do to the Aggies. That game will be a major battle, one of monster proportions and should be intense. One would hope that the Pan Am sells out for the game. With the way attendance has been this year, I would think it to be unlikely but who knows? It will be a a slugfest and one I can't wait to see.

On the other side of the bracket, Utah State is playing great ball. They had road issues at the outset of the season but have come on strong down the stretch, winning three straight away from home to get the No. 1 seed. They swept Boise State this year and should be in the finals. Either way, assuming the scenarios play out the way they should, NMSU will have two tough games in front of them. The first against the Wolf Pack. If they can find a way to get past that, they will go head to head with the UtAgs. Don't be fooled by the last time these two teams met. USU is much stronger than that and is back at full strength.


Anonymous said...

Tough, tough match up vs. Nevada.
They have beaten us like step children, twice this year!

I'm sure the fans will show up but, it's the team that has to execute and play smart.

Time to defend our HOME and give those seniors a few more games!


Anonymous said...

Can you guys recommend a nice bar where Nevada fans can celebrate the WAC championship?

Wolfpack Jack

Anonymous said...

Just a quick experience to share-my fellow Arizona comrades are in a near-panic on the eve of the Pac10 tourney-they may not get an NCAA bid for the first time in 15+ years-(oh,boo-hoo-hoo..) This is one of MANY reasons that I may a little hard on our Aggies-we're not an "entitlement" pick like NC,UCLA,Duke,et al..We Aggies have to struggle,fight on and NEVER give in to ANYONE-NO ONE is going to hand us ANYTHING!!This team has really come a long way from the adverse situations they were put in at the season's beginning-they've done a great job and made us proud to be "AGGIES!!"-from across the pond,and deep in Lute Olson country- "GO NEW MEXICO STAE AGGIES!!!!!" 3 in a row -and make roadkill out of Puppychow Jack-No Big Bad Wolf allowed in OUR house-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack Jack,

I surely can, take the 40 minute drive to El Paso and head to the OP.

You'll fit right in there. Ask for Sancho

Anonymous said...

WPJ, There's a bar in El Paso. It's called the OP. It'd be perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

I can tell WolfPack Jack that the Aggies got off 77 shots in that last game in Reno (Feb 28). It's hard to lose when you get that many looks, but somehow the Aggies did? This third meeting of the season is likely to have a different outcome with the score not being as close as people think.
Too bad the Welcome Inn closed or I would direct them there.
...naa, on second thought I wouldn't do that to anyone in the WAC, even NV Reno fans.

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack Jack is on crack!

You guys can celbrate the same place you celebrated last year, crying in your car back to the hotel after a loss on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brokeback Jack.

Las Cruces is a pretty conservative town.
No strip bars and absolutely, NO gay bars either!!

Let's roll the Wolfpup's like a fatty! Go Aggies!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack Jack,
The Welcome in bar is a highly recommended establishment!

Anonymous said...

Man, Did WPJ give that one to us on a silver platter, or what?

Anonymous said...

You wanna celebrate,Poodle Jack? How about our modern detention center-maybe you can keep Coach Fox company this year partying in our county pokey!!!Az Aggie