Monday, March 17, 2008

Basketball blog

For those looking to read more NMSU basketball, which I'm sure is just about everyone, this is Sun-News sports writer Jason Groves' new blog. Check it out


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your new Blog- now we can speak NMSU Hoops full time.

LC Crowe said...

Anybody know any more about the alleged NMSU B-Ball partying the night before the championship game?

Also, was there a Final Menzies press conference and where can I find it? I never saw any interviews with any of the players. It seems strange that nobody would feel obligated to give a good interview to the local paper. What's going on Press?

Anonymous said...

It could very well be me and my computer skills, but I don't think JG's blog is working. I tried leaving commentary earlier this week, but never did get the "your comment has been saved" message. Sure enough, the comment never posted.

When will Boston give JG (or you) his assessment of the hoops season. I'm very curious - no post season play and lack of fan support has to hurt financially.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

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